Career & Leadership Development

About Us

The main functional areas of Career & Leadership Development are Career, Culture, and Leadership and Engagement.

We believe that when students engage in meaningful work in the co-curriculum, they become more curious and committed to their learning, and develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to succeed in life after college. Career & Leadership Development contributes directly to the learning mission of the University by sponsoring programs, services, and events that enhance the campus climate and tradition, and help students develop their career and cultural identities.

CLD Mission

The mission of Career & Leadership Development is to help students learn skills and behaviors to become exceptional professionals and leaders that exhibit the institution's Core Values. Through the acquisition of knowledge, practice of skills and reflection on experience, the department will foster student success by establishing productive relationships with academic departments, employers and alumni.

UW-Whitewater Core Values

  • The pursuit of knowledge and understanding
  • The commitment to the development of the individual
  • A commitment to serve
  • A commitment to develop a sense of community, a respect for diversity, and global perspectives