Career and Leadership Development
Richard L. Bailey

The Richard L. Bailey Interview Center

Dedicated to Richard L. Bailey
Director of Career Services,
1971 - 1990

Richard "Dick" Bailey is fondly remembered for his 23 years in Career Services, 19 of which he served as Director until his retirement in 1990. Located in the Career & Leadership Development office is the Richard L. Bailey Interview Center, which was established August 20, 2009 in memory of Dick and his dedication to UW-Whitewater, its students and staff.


Employers wishing to interview UW-Whitewater students and graduates are encouraged to use the Bailey Interview Center, located within the James R. Connor University Center. Located within the Bailey Interview Center are ten private interview rooms and a greeting area. To schedule interviews employers should contact Eunice Lehner,, (262) 472-1950.

The Bailey Interview Center is used throughout the year by various employers who wish to conduct their initial screening interviews on-campus. It’s also the site for various Mock, or Practice Interview sessions conducted by Career & Leadership Development. In order to see which employers will be interviewing on campus, as well as to sign-up for an interview, students will need to do so on their Hawk Jobs account. In advance of an interview, students are welcome to schedule an appointment to talk with a career counselor who can assist students with their interview preparation, and can conduct a practice interview. To schedule an appointment students may stop by the Career & Leadership Development main desk, located near the Bailey Interview Center, or call (262) 472-1471.

On-Campus Interview Policy - Students

Career & Leadership Development invites many employers to campus to interview students for internships and professional positions. Employers invest their time and money to travel to UW-Whitewater to meet with students and personally discuss career opportunities. For this investment to be a worthwhile experience for employers, they want to meet with as many students as possible. Students who sign up for interviews are expected to be present for those interviews – it is a mutual commitment to be honored by both parties. With this in mind, the following policies govern how we work with students who cancel or fail to show for interviews:

Cancellation Policy

1. On-line cancellations are permitted up until two business days prior to the interview.

2. Should an unforeseen circumstance occur one or two business days prior to your scheduled interview, and you are unable to follow through with your interview appointment, contact Career & Leadership Development immediately.

3. Should an unforeseen circumstance occur on the day of your scheduled interview, proceed as follows:

a. Phone Career & Leadership Development immediately: (262) 472-1471
b. Forward a letter or email of apology to the recruiter with whom you were scheduled to interviews, within 48 hours of the date of the missed interview.
c. Send a copy of your letter or email to the Director of Career & Leadership Development.
d. Failure to send a letter or email of apology to the recruiter and Director within the timeframe outlined above, continued participation in the on-campus recruiting program will not be allowed.

No-Show Policy
Should you miss an interview without canceling the interview ahead of time, your interview privileges will be revoked until you contact the Director of Career & Leadership Development to discuss the circumstances of the missed interview and whether interview privileges will continue to be granted. Until this meeting occurs, participation in the
on-campus recruiting program will not be allowed.

You will be dropped from any future interview appointments for which you have signed up until you have cleared your situation with the Director. At that time, the Director will decide whether or not to reinstate your interview privileges.

Observance of this policy will ensure that UW-Whitewater maintains a good reputation with employers who recruit our graduates, and that your applications to visiting recruiters remain in good standing.