Career and Leadership Development


COUNSED - 490/690 Workshop

The Life/Work & Career Planning course is a three-credit class that will help you with all facets of your career planning. It will:

  • Help you gain awareness of your interests, skills, aptitudes, personality, life goals and values
  • Give you an understanding of your educational and career options
  • Give you time to research and match yourself to those options, make decisions and plan for the future
  • Covers all of the important bases in career planning

CAREER INFORMATION for Arts & Communication Majors (ACINDP)
CAREER INFORMATION for Letters & Sciences Majors (LSINDP)

Career Information is a one-credit, eight-week course that meets each semester. The course is designed to prepare you for your internship or job search, and prepare for graduate school search and admission. Highly recommended for juniors and seniors preparing to graduate, as well as sophomores preparing for internships, coops, and field experiences.

Topic areas include:

  • Job Hunting
  • Planning for Graduate School
  • Writing Resumes & Cover Letters
  • Insider's Guide to Interviewing
  • Resources On & Off Campus to Help

EMPLOYMENT STRATEGIES for Education Majors (430-489 or 480-689)

Employment strategies is a one-credit, eight-week class that meets each semester. Highly recommended for education majors the semester prior to, or the semester of, graduation. This class will help you prepare for your employment search.

Topic areas include:

  • Registration with Career Services
  • Writing Resumes & Cover Letters
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Interviewing Techniques
  • Employment Portfolio

CAREER INFORMATION for Business & Economics Majors (ITBE 388)

This one-credit course is a presentation of techniques and self-analysis in preparation for the job search. The job search includes resumes, job search strategies, employment interviewing, and video interviews.