Career and Leadership Development


Follow-up is extremely important in the job search process. You should follow-up after:

  • Conducting an informational interview
  • Connecting with a networking contact
  • Interviewing for a job
  • Applying for a position

A thank you letter should be sent within a day of an informational interview, networking meeting, or job interview. Thank you letters can be sent by email or regular postal mail. Use this as an opportunity to express your appreciation for the person’s time, reemphasize your unique qualifications, and reiterate your interest in a position.

If you opt to correspond via email, make sure that you are professional. Use these email etiquette tips in order to make a positive impression:

  • What email address are you using? Make sure it is professional. Your UW-Whitewater email address is a perfect example.
  • Wait to fill in the “To:” email address until your message is written and proofread. This will prevent you from accidently sending it before it is ready.
  • Always complete the Subject line of your message. Craft an obvious, clear, and concise reason for your email.
  • If you are responding to an email, include the original message in your reply. This provides context for your recipient.
  • Address people you do not know by Mr. or Ms. Only address a person by their first name if they have given you permission to do so.
  • Watch your tone. You are going for respectful and friendly, not curt or demanding. Therefore, never use all capitol letters, which is taken for yelling. And even if the employer is informal, maintain a level of formality in your writing.
  • Stay away from abbreviations and emoticons (i.e. smiley faces). Do not use slang.
  • Keep your email short and concise.
  • Proofread your email just as you would your resume and cover letter. Use correct spelling and proper grammar.