Career and Leadership Development

Sample Questions to Ask Employers:

  1. How is employment with your organization better than employment with another, similar organization?
  2. Is this a new position or am I replacing someone?
  3. What is the largest single problem facing the organization now? Facing your department now? Facing staff now?
  4. Has there been much job turnover in the organization? Department?
  5. On average, how long do people in this job stay in this job?
  6. What qualities are you looking for in the candidate that fills this position?
  7. What skills are important for someone to be successful in this position?
  8. What characteristics do the high performers in this organization seem to have in common?
  9. Are salary adjustments made to the cost of living, or job performance?
  10. Does your organization provide any financial assistance for further education?
  11. Have you cut staff in the last three years?
  12. How much authority will I have over decisions?
  13. What do you (interviewer) like most about working for this organization? What do you like least?
  14. Describe the climate of the work environment?
  15. What changes do you see occurring in the organization five years from now?