Career and Leadership Development

Do's & Don'ts of Networking

Do's of Networking

  1. Do remember that networking can be formal and/or informal
    • Networking can happen in a variety of settings - it is not always a planned interaction
  2. Do remember that networking is a two-way interaction
  3. Do use different methods and different places
    • Professional organizations, community involvement, online communities, etc.
  4. Do be yourself
    • Honesty is the best policy
  5. Do follow-up
    • Keep yourself connected to your networking contacts. You worked hard to make the contacts, so work hard to keep them.
  6. Do be prepared
    • Know yourself, the work you do, and the work you want to do in the future

Don'ts of Networking

  1. Don't rely on just one method to meet all of your networking needs
    • Don't put all your eggs in one basket
  2. Don't divulge confidential information
  3. Don't act desperate (it's not attractive)
  4. Don't misrepresent yourself
    • There's potential to hurt not only yourself, but the others in your network
  5. Don't overextend or try to do too much
    • It's okay to say no once in awhile