Career and Leadership Development

Do's & Don'ts of Social Media

Do's of Social Media

  1. Do look for the ways to expand your networks
    • Networking should be fun
    • Join groups/chats & particpate
    • Incorporate keywords into your bio (i.e. the industry that you would like to work in)
  2. Know what you want and what you can offer
    • Plan your requests and make them reasonable
    • How can you help your contacts in return? Make sure this favor is deliverable.
  3. Do contact individuals privately also (such as direct messaging on Twitter and InMail on LinkedIn)
    • This helps to establish a more personal connection
    • Talk about the common link between the two of you
    • Be friendly yet, respectful and brief
    • Be clear about your request - if you have one
  4. Do follow-up regularly
    • Keep your contacts up to date on what you are doing professionally
    • Be kind, non-intrusive, specific, and action-oriented
  5. Do try a variety of social media sites - each one has a different purpose
    • Find the one(s) that will serve you and your intentions the best
    • There are the big sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
    • Also sites such as Ning where you create your own Social Network, industry specfic (i.e. for advertising, communication or media, or for the business field), or hobby specific such as Goodreads for book lovers.
  6. Do have fun!

Don'ts of Social Media

  1. Don't connect to everyone
    • Make sure connections support your networking intentions
  2. Don't spend time online on your boss's dime - unless it's okay
  3. Don't get yourself fired
    • Be smart with what you put out into the world online