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Social Media Terminology

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Blog: Website where individual(s) provide entries of content to create conversation and to connect to an audience.

Blog Post: Content published on a blog. Entries can consist of text, pictures, videos, and/or links to online resources.

#FollowFriday: Twitter hashtag that people use on Fridays to suggest people/organizations to follow. Can also be seen as #ff.

#Hashtag: A topic can be identified by the hashtag (#) in front of it (i.e. #jobsearch or #UWW). The purpose is to spread information in a somewhat organized manner. The tool is useful for conferences/events and makes searching for topics on Twitter much easier.

Online Community: A group of people using social media sites to connect on the internet.

Retweet: Twitter - way to share information (i.e. links, pictures, etc.) from the people/organizations that you follow. Just copy and paste the original tweet, give credit to the originator via an "RT" and their name, and send it out for your followership to enjoy.

Social Media: Term to describe the platforms and tools individuals use to create and share online content and to connect and interact with one another.

Social Networking Sites: Websites that host multiple communites where individuals can connect and interact with each other. Examples of a few social networking websites:

  • LinkedIn: Professional community where you network with other professionals
  • Twitter: Micro-blogging site where individuals have posts of 140 characters or less and connect with other individuals or organizations
  • Flickr: Online photo sharing and storage site
  • YouTube: Upload, watch, and discuss videos
  • Facebook: Connect and re-connect with people you know

Tag: Keywords associated with an item of content (i.e. can be found with a blog post or video).

Tweet: Entry made on Twitter (140 characters or less).

Tweet-up: Meeting fellow tweeters to network in-person.

Webinar: Seminar held online.