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Biological Sciences

Biological scientists study all aspects of the structure and function of living organisms and the relationship of animals and plants to each other and to their environment. Although many specialize in some area, such as microbiology (the study of microscopic organisms), all have in common the study of life. Many biological scientists are involved in research and development. Others, in applied research, use this knowledge in activities such as developing new medicines, increasing
crop yields, and improving the environment. Still other biological scientists work in management or administration, for example, planning and administering programs for testing foods and drugs and directing activities at zoos and botanical gardens. Some work in technical products. Finally, some biological scientists write for technical publications.

Emphases within the major:

Biology Honors
Cell/Physiology (BA/BS/BSE)
Early Entrance Pre-Professional (BS)
Ecology/Field (BA/BS/BSE)
Integrated Science/Business (BS/BBA)
Marine & Freshwater Ecology (BA/BS)

Major skills acquired:

Analyzing and Synthesizing Information
Cataloging Techniques
Clinical Handling
Clinical Preparation
Data/Statistical Analysis
Detecting Patterns and Perceiving
Drawing Conclusions from Data
Evolutionary Analysis
Experimental Design
Field Techniques of Trapping & Sensing
Hypothesis Testing and Development
Knowledge of Cell/Organism Physiology
Knowledge of Scientific Methods Laboratory Report Writing
Limited Animal Surgical Techniques
Operating Knowledge of Scientific/Technical Instruments
Plant & Animal Mounting
Plant Breeding
Recombinant DNA Technology Relationships between Factors
Sampling Methods and Basic Statistics
Scientific Illustration
Slide Preparation
Using a Taxonomic Key

Related occupations:

(With corresponding Dictionary of Occupational Titles number).
The following list of related occupations is an open list of ideas to expand your career research. Some of these careers may require additional experience or education.

Basic Research: Botanist; Bacteriologist; Geneticist; Biological Researcher; Zoological Researcher; Pharmaceutical Researcher; Ecologist; Molecular Biologist; Cell Biologist.

Applied Research: Product Development and Sales in Food; Chemical and Drug Industries; Pesticides; Fertilizers and
Dietary Supplements; Cosmetic Makers; Fish/Plant Breeders; Park Ranger; Game Warden; Forester; Water Resource Management; Drug Inspector; Nutritionist; Environmental Consultant.

Teaching: All Levels.

Supporting Work: Lab Technician; Instrument Specialist; Plant and Animal Caretaker; Technical Writer/Illustrator;
Pharmaceutical Sales; Land Use Planning; Zoo/Museum Management, Instrument/Process Sales.

Animal Behaviorist
Aquatic/Marine Biologist (041.061-022)
Biologist/Biochemist (041.061-030/026)
Cell Biologist
Cytotechnologist (078.281-010)
Environmental Scientist
Evolutionary Biologist
Molecular Biologist (041.061-058) Occupational Therapist (076.121-010)
Parasitologist (041.061-070)
Physical Therapist
Physician, Nurse, Dentist
Physicians Assistant
Reproductive Biologist of Endangered Species
Veterinarian (073.101-010)
Waste Disposal Engineer (005.061-042)
Water Engineer
Wildlife Biologist (041.061-022)
Zoologist (041.061-090)

Representative employers that have hired our students:

Abbott Laboratories - Abbott Park and Chicago, IL
American Red Cross - Norfolk, VA
Banfield, The Pet Hospital - Madison, WI
Bloomer Peterman Law Office - Menomonee Falls, WI
Botanical Gardens
Bradford High School, Kenosha, WI
Briess Malting Co. - Chilton, WI
Brookfield Central High School - Brookfield, WI
Bureau of Land Management
Chemical Waste Management - Menomonee Falls, WI
Columbia St. Mary's - Milwaukee, WI
County Health Departments
Covance - Madison, WI
Craig Senior High School, Janesville, WI
Davy Laboratories - LaCrosse, WI
DB Exteriors - Sullivan, WI
Dynacare, Milwaukee, WI
Dynamic Laboratories - Milwaukee, WI
Eagle Bluff Environmental Center - Lanesboro, MN
GE Healthcare - Milwaukee, WI
Geneva Labs - Elkhorn, WI
Geotest - Evanston, IL
Hazelton Laboratories - Madison, WI
Hydrite Chemical - Cottage Grove, WI
Jesuit Volunteer Corps. - SW Region, WI
Mt. Zion Small Animal Clinic - Janesville, WI
Nature Conservancy
Northland Labs - Fort Atkinson, WI
PPD - Middleton, WI
Promega - Madison, WI
Roche Nimblegen - Madison, WI
SAIC - Charleston, SC
S.C. Johnson & Sons - Racine, WI
Skirball Institute of New York University - New York, NY
State Department of Natural Resources
State Fish and Wildlife Agencies
Mt. Sinai Hospital - Milwaukee, WI Johnson Wax - Racine, WI
Jones Dairy - Fort Atkinson, WI
Kerry Ingredients - Beloit, WI
Kihei High School - Kihei, HI
Laidlaw Environmental - Oklahoma City, OK
Lake Geneva Badger High School - Lake Geneva, WI
Lincoln International School - Kampala, Africa
Medical College of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, WI
Midwest Prairies - Fort Atkinson, WI
Milton School District - Milton, WI
Milwaukee Public Schools - Milwaukee, WI
Monsanto - St. Louis, MO
Nasco - Ft. Atkinson, WI
National Biological Survey
National Park Service
New Hope Institute - Milwaukee, WI
Prodesse - Waukesha, WI
Standard Processing - Palmyra, WI
State Laboratory of Hygiene
State of Wisconsin Crime Lab
TJ/H2b Analytical - Sun Prairie, WI
U.S. Department of Agriculture U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services
U.S. Forest Service
Universal Foods - Milwaukee, WI
University of Vermont - Burlington, VT
University of Wisconsin, Madison - Madison, WI
Waste Treatment Plants
Waymar Orthopedics

Graduate schools attended by our students:

Bemidji State University - Bemidji, MN
Chapel Hill, NC
Clemson, SC
Edgewood College - Madison
Illinois Institute of Technology - Chicago, IL
Indiana University - Bloomington, IN
Iowa State University - Ames, IA
Johns Hopkins - Baltimore, MD
Mankato State University - Mankato, MN
Medical College of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Miami University - Miami, OH
Palmer Chiropractic School - Davenport, IA
St. Louis University - St. Louis, MO SUNY at Buffalo, NY
UC, Santa Barbara
University of Chicago, IL
University of Minnesota - Minneapolis, MN
University of Montana - Missoula, MT
University of Nebraska - Lincoln, NE
University of Vermont - Burlington, VT
University of Wisconsin - Madison
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point
University of Wisconsin - Whitewater
Wright State University, Dayton, OH

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