Career and Leadership Development

Business Education

Business Education graduates obtain in-depth academic preparation that enables them to obtain a variety of interesting positions in teaching within the K-12 schools, two-year post-secondary technical colleges, as well as in the business world. You select your curriculum according to your interests. For example, you may elect course work emphasizing business education, marketing education, or a combination of both areas. Part of the course work meets the expectations of the state to receive a teaching license and part of the course work provides in-depth study of business. When you graduate with this major, you may select a career in teaching or in business. You may discover that over a period of years, you will work in both environments. For students interested in an advanced degree, the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater offers graduate degrees in Business Education and Business Administration.

Emphases within the major:

Business Education (BSE)
Business Education Comprehensive (BSE)
Marketing Education (BSE)

Major skills acquired:

Classroom Management
Computer Applications
Economic Literacy Information Management
Instructional Methodologies
Interpersonal Communication

Related occupations:

(With corresponding Dictionary of Occupational titles number). The following list of related occupations is an open list of ideas to expand your career research. Some of these careers may require additional experience or education. Communications Manager (132.037-022)
Corporate Training & Development
Marketing Professional Office Manager/Supervisor (169.167-034)
Records Administrator (161.117-014)
Sales (259.257-010)
Teacher - All levels

Representative employers that have hired our students:

Badger Meter - Milwaukee, WI
Belmont High School - Belmont, WI
Brookfield Central High School - Brookfield, WI
Cambridge Schools - Cambridge, WI
Christ King School - Wauwatosa, WI
Columbus Schools - Columbus, WI
Crivitz School - Crivitz, WI
CUNA Mutual Insurance Group - Madison, WI
Darlington High School - Darlington, WI
East Troy High School - East Troy, WI
Germantown High School - Germantown, WI
Gillett School District - Gillett, WI
International Paper Corporation - Milwaukee, WI Kenosha Unified Schools - Kenosha, WI
Juda School District - Juda, WI
Lincoln High School - Manitowoc, WI
Maine West High School - Des Plaines, IL
New Berlin School District - New Berlin, WI
Peoria Schools - Peoria, IL
Productivity Point International - Milwaukee, WI
Pulaski High School - Pulaski, WI
Ripon High School - Ripon, WI
St. Joan Antida High School - Milwaukee, WI
Three Lakes School District - Three Lakes, WI
Two Rivers High School - Two Rivers, WI
Wautoma High School - Wautoma, WI
Whitewater Unified School District - Whitewater, WI
Wilmot Union High School - Wilmot, WI

Graduate schools attended by our students:

Alverno College - Milwaukee
Concordia College - Milwaukee
Marquette University - Milwaukee Northern Illinois University - De Kalb, IL
University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
University of Wisconsin - Whitewater

For further information outside Career & Leadership Development:

UW- Whitewater Department of Information Technology & Business Education
Departmental Office, Hyland 3301
Phone: 262-472-1322

UW - Whitewater Marketing Education Association (MEA, formerly DECA)
Faculty Advisor, Hyland 3405
Phone: 262-472-4704

UW - Whitewater Phi Beta Lambda
(College-level organization of the Future Business Leader of America)
Faculty Advisor, Hyland 3403
Phone: 262-472-1627

UW - Whitewater Pi Omega Pi National Honor Society
(National Business Teacher Education Honor Society)
Faculty Advisor, Hyland 3403
Phone: 262-472-1627