Career and Leadership Development

Foreign Language

The study of a foreign language can lead to proficiency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking while cultivating knowledge of the literature, philosophy, history, and cultures associated with a particular language. Study abroad offers opportunities for one to expand language proficiency and explore other cultures beyond the bounds of the classroom. For students fluent in a language a few specific occupations exist. Translating and teaching represent opportunities where fluency is essential. Combining language skills with other disciplines such as communications, social work, counseling, or business may lead to a wider range of career possibilities.

Emphases within the major:

French (BA/BS/BSE)
German (BA/BS/BSE)
Spanish (BA/BS/BSE)

Major skills acquired:

Analyzing Content
Knowledge of Literature and Culture of the Counties in Question
Perception of Word Patterns & Structures
Re-writing and Editing
Understanding Other Cultures

Related occupations:

(With corresponding Dictionary of Occupational Titles number). The following list of related occupations is an open list of ideas to expand your career research. Some of these careers may require additional experience or education.
Airline Personnel
Business Firms/Export-Import Business
Court Interpreter
Cryptoanalyst (199.267-014)
Customs Inspector (168.267-022)
Embassy Personnel
Export/Import Representative (184.117.02)
Foreign Correspondent (131.267-018)
Foreign Purchasing Agent
Foreign Service Representative
Foreign Student Advisor (090.107-010)
Government Research
Health Professions (Nursing)
Immigration Inspector (168.167-022)
Intelligence Agent (209.367-030)
Interpreter (137.267-010)
Large Banks and Hotels (059.267-014)
Management Trainee/International
Museum Curator (102.014-010)
Overseas Hotel Manager
Peace Corps/VISTA Volunteer Overseas
Personnel/Human Resource Specialist
Sales/Marketing Representative
Social Services (Social Work) (195.107-010)
Teacher (Secondary/College/English as a Second Language (091.227-010)
Technical Writer
Tour Guide (353.167-010)
Translator (137.267-018)
Travel Agent (252.157-010)
Travel Bureau Tour Guide - Museum Guide
United Nations Agency Representative/Guide
United Nations Guide
Voice of America - Announcer/Commentator

Representative employers that have hired our students:

Art Price Index International - Madison, CT
Bell Enterprises - Monroe, WI
Burlington Transitional Housing - Burlington, WI
Children's Service Society of WI - Madison, WI
D2Sales LLC - Mequon, WI
Duval County Public School - Jacksonville, FL
East Troy Public Schools - East Troy, WI
Grand Mete - Minneapolis, MN
Heritage Insurance - Sheboygan, WI
Hormel Foods Corporation - Austin, MN
Houston Schools - Houston, TX
Impact Networking - Madison, WI
International Christian School - San Miguel, Costa Rica
Kenosha Unified Schools - Kenosha, WI
Kewaunee School District - Kewaunee, WI
La Crosse Police Department - La Crosse, WI
Lane Montessori School - Oconomowoc, WI
Pacelli High School - Stevens Point, WI
Peace Corps
Self-employed Private Teacher - Germany
Slinger Middle School - Slinger, WI
St. Johns Military Academy - Delafield, WI
TriCity National Bank - Brookfield, WI
Turtle Creek Elementary - Delavan, WI
West Bend School District - West Bend, WI
U.S Hispanic Chamber of Commerce - Washington, DC

Graduate schools attended by our students:

University of Caen - Caen, France
University of Wisconsin - Whitewater, WI

For further information outside Career & Leadership Development:

UW-Whitewater Languages and Literatures Department
Departmental Office, Heide Hall, Room 402
Phone: 262-472-5050

French Society, UW Whitewater
Faculty Advisor's Office, Heide Hall, Room 472
Phone: 262-472-1066 or 262-472-1033

Spanish Club, UW-Whitewater
Faculty Advisor's Office, Heide Hall, Room 466
Phone: 262-472-1033 or 262-472-5070

German Club, UW Whitewater
Faculty Advisor's Office, Heide Hall, Room 469
Phone: 262-472-1065 or 262-472-1033