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Geographers study the distribution and location of various characteristics of the earth's surface. As a rule, most geographers specialize. Economic geographers deal with the geographic distribution of an area's economic activities. Political geographers are concerned with the relationship of geography to politics. Physical geographers study the physical characteristics of the earth. Urban geographers study cities and metropolitan areas while regional geographers study the physical, climatic, economic, political, and cultural characteristics of a particular region or area. Cartographers design and construct maps and charts. Medical geographers study the effect of the environment on health.

Emphases within the major:

Earth Science (BSE)
General Science - Broadfield
Geography (BA/BS)
Geography Education (BSE)
Geography I or II (BSE)
Geology (BA/BS)
GIS Certificate - 12 Credits
International/Regional (BA/BS)
Physical/Environmental (BA/BS)
Quantitative/Technique (BA/BS)
Social Studies - Broadfield
Urban/Area Development (BA/BS)

Major skills acquired:

Ability to Design, Research, and Report on a Selected Geographic Topic of Interest
Acquire a Broad Geographic Perspective or Context from which Issues, Problems, and Policies can be Effectively Evaluated
Computer Mapping and Other Application Skills
Critical Thinking Skills Essential for Effective Problem Solving in Public Service and Private Business Centers
Geographic Information System Skills
Map Making Skills - Hand-drawn and Computer-Assisted
Map Reading and Interpretation Skills
Statistical Analysis Skills Applied to Geographic Topic

Related occupations:

(With corresponding Dictionary of Occupational Titles number). The following list of related occupations is an open list of ideas to expand your career research. Some of these careers may require additional experience or education.
Air Traffic Control Specialist (193.160-018)
Cartographers for Private & Public Agencies (018.261-026)
Computer Cartographers and Geographical Systems Analyst (020.067-010)
Drafter, Cartographic (018.261-010)
Drafter, Topographical (018.261-014)
Environmental Analysis for Consulting Firms
Field Agent for Agriculture and Conservation Groups
GIS Analyst (for Police Departments)
Land Surveyor (018.167-018)
Market and Locational Analysts (050.067-014)
Marketing Rep. For Private Co. and Government Agencies (029.081-010)
Planners for City, County, and Regional Agencies (012.167-050)
Real Estate Related Work; Planning, Development, Appraisal, Sales (250.357-018 or 186.117-058)
Site/Location Analyst (001.061-018)
Teaching, Elementary or Secondary (091.227-010 or 092.227-010)
Travel and Tour Management (187.167-158)

Representative employers that have hired our students:

Ayres Engineering - Madison, WI
Crispell-Snyder - Elkhorn, WI
Dane County Parent Council - Madison, WI
DreamCo - Fort Atkinson, WI
Enterprise Rent-A-Car - Glendale, WI
Exterior Plus - Fort Atkinson, WI
Gannett Fleming Engineers & Planning - Tampa, FL
Greater Milwaukee Convention & Visitor's Bureau - Milwaukee, WI
Harris Dak - Milwaukee, WI
Intelligraphics International - Waukesha, WI
Janesville School District - Janesville, WI
Jefferson County Land Information - Jefferson, WI
Jefferson Land Conservation - Jefferson, WI
Lubrication Station Inc. - Rice Lake, WI
Midwest Engineering - Waukesha, WI
New Berlin Planning Dept. - New Berlin, WI
Rand McNally - Skokie, IL
Shepherd Systems - Birmingham, AL
Southwestern WI Regional Planning Co. - Waukesha, WI
Thompson Associates - Ann Arbor, MI
University Accounting Services - Brookfield, WI
Waukesha County Administration Center - Waukesha, WI
West Bend City Government - West Bend, WI
WI Power & Light - Madison, WI
Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation - Madison, WI
Wisconsin Public Service - Green Bay, WI

Graduate schools attended by our students:

Miami University - Oxford, OH
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, WI
University of North Carolina - Charlotte
University at Akron, OH

For further information outside Career & Leadership Development:

UW-Whitewater Geography Department
Departmental Office, Upham, Room 219
Phone: (262) 472-1071

Association of American Cartographers
1710 16th Street NW
Washington, DC 20009

NOTE: The internship program for academic credit allows students to gain valuable work experience, using their geography education and skills. Fischer Scholarships are available to students pursuing an education degree and majoring or minoring in geography.