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Multimedia Digital Arts focuses upon the new media, information, web design and development, and interactive technology industries. Courses in the program examine artistic and communication applications with special attention to ethical, legal and commercial issues raised by the new technology. They will address artistic design, production processes and the principles that form the nucleus of multimedia practice.

Emphases within the major:

This is an Interdisciplinary major, housed in the College of Arts & Communication with emphases in Art and Communication.
Richard Haven, Associate Dean of the College of Arts & Communication is the coordinator of the program. The two minors were developed prior to the major, and are housed in their respective departments.

Multimedia Digital Arts (BA)
Art and Multimedia Digital Arts/Communication (BA)

Major skills acquired:

Art Emphasis:
Basic Art Skills through completion of classes like Drawing and 2D Design.

Communication Emphasis:
Basic Journalistic Writing Skills and required command introductory electronic media production skills through the completion of audio and video production classes.

Upon completion of the major, and depending upon the emphasis selected, the student will have acquired abilities in multimedia writing, production, and/or design, including the major software programs associated with the multimedia field.

Related occupations:

Representative employers that have hired our students:

Graduates of this program will be prepared to pursue careers as media writers/designers, visual interface designers, multimedia performers, art/creative directors, music/sound composers, motion graphics animators, graphic designers, 3D graphics modelers, game interface designers, distributive education/information producers, videographers, project managers or producers, or support personnel for such operations.

Graduate schools attended by our students:

This is a new major and we are just graduating our first students in Spring 2006.

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