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Physicists use an understanding of the laws of nature and a firm grasp of mathematics in order to explain physical phenomena, predict the outcome of an experiment, or solve an engineering problem. Physicists are employed in academia, industrial research and development, national laboratory research, astronomy, meteorology, medical technology or medicine, patent law, and actuarial science, among others. A major in physics is a gateway to many career options.

Emphases within the major:

Engineering Emphasis (BA/BS)
Graduate School Emphasis (BA/BS)
Physics Industry Emphasis (BA/BS)
Physics (BSE)

Major skills acquired:

Ability to analyze and solve complex physics problems
Ability to read physics-related scholarly articles; prepare technical reports, and professionally present a scientific project
Ability to use a variety of scientific instruments and to analyze and interpret the data they produce Ability to use mathematical tools as well as computers to solve numerical problems
Knowledge of the basic principles of physics as they apply to motion, heat, sound, optics, electricity, magnetism, electronics, quantum mechanics, fundamental particles, and relativity

Related occupations:

(With corresponding Dictionary of Occupational Titles numbers). The following list of related occupations is an open list of ideas to expand your career research. Some of these careers may require additional experience or education.
Aerospace Engineer
Biophysicist (041.061-034)
Computer Animation
Computer Programming (007.167-018)
Electronics Engineer
Electronics/Instrumentation (003.061-030)
Electro-optical Engineer (023.061-010)
Industrial Engineer (012.167-030)
Instrument Technician (710.281-030)
Mechanical Engineer (007.061-014)
Medical Physicist (079.021-014)
Military - ranges from pilot training to submarine office, including service as instructor in all related areas
Physicist (023.061-014)
Physicist, Theoretical (023.067-010)
Research Technician/Assistant (199.267-030)
Teaching (091.227-010)
Technical Librarian (100.167-026)
Technical Writing ((131.267-026)
Technician/Physicist - BS Level (023.061-014)

Representative employers that have hired our students:

ACI Jefferson - Jefferson, WI
Aerospace Corporation, El Segundo, CA
Arban Equipment - Atlanta, GA
Boeing Company - Houston, TX
Briggs & Stratton - Jefferson, WI
Computer Networks, Inc. - Whitewater, WI
Control Data Corp
Cray, Inc.
Evansville Community Schools - Evansville, WI
Gailforce - Janesville, WI
Generac - Jefferson, WI
Lowell Observatory
Lunar Corporation - Madison, WI
Marquette University High School - Milwaukee, WI
R.M.I. Technology - Middleton, WI
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
Standish Industries Inc. - Lake Mills, WI
Universal Computer Systems - Houston, TX
University of Wisconsin - Madison, WI
US Naval Nuclear Training Institute
USAF Research Lab - Hanscom AFB, MA

Graduate schools attended by our students:

Arizona State University - Tempe, AZ
Boston University - Boston, MA
California Institute of Technology
Florida Atlantic University
Kansas State University
Michigan State University
Pennsylvania State University
Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute
Rose Hallman Institute of Technology - Indianapolis, IN
Underwriters Laboratory - Chicago, IL
University of Chicago
University of Wisconsin-Engineering - Madison, WI
University of Wisconsin-Material Science - Madison, WI
University of Wisconsin-Parkside - Kenosha, WI
Virginia Technical University
University of Minnesota
University of North Carolina
U. S. Air Force - Colorado Springs, CO

For further information outside Career & Leadership Development:

Physics Department Website: UW-Whitewater Physics Department

Physics Departmental Office, UH151
Phone: 262-472-1067

American Institute of Physics
335 East 45th Street
New York, NY 10017