Career and Leadership Development

Women's Studies

Women's Studies is concerned with the issues that most powerfully affect women?s lives. It has the potential not simply to affect how you think but how you choose to live your life. It strives to relate the classroom to the world beyond, and trains you to live and work as a productive member of society. Women's Studies majors increase their self-confidence, prepare for the world of work and plan intelligently for coming careers and family. Women's Studies graduates are informed citizens, have high self-esteem and career confidence.

Women's Studies graduates, like other liberal arts graduates, have the skills of critical thinking, analytical judgment and problem solving that are transferable to any job worthy of a college graduate. In addition, their knowledge about the dynamics of women?s lives makes them particularly acute managers who are both problem and people oriented. Graduates are hired for many diverse work settings.

Emphases within the major:

Women's Studies (BA/BS)

Major skills acquired:

Ability to Work for Change in Organizations and Community
Alertness to Social Issues
Analytical Judgment
Creative Thinking
Critical Thinking
Effective Communication
Problem Solving
Sensitivity to Prejudice

Related occupations:

(With corresponding Dictionary of Occupational Titles numbers). The following list of related occupations is an open list of ideas to expand your career research. Some of these careers may require additional experience or education.
Attorney (110.107-010)
Bookstore Owner
Counselor (048.107-010)
Counselor Assistant
Counselor at a Women's College
Director, Marketing Research Analysis (189.117-014)
Executive Director of a Public Service Organization
Family Planning Organization Worker
Group Home Coordinator
Law Professor
Not-for-Profit Organizations
Psychologist (045.107-022)
Publicity and Writing for Women's Organizations
Sales Manager
Social Services Coordinator (076.117-010)
Social Worker (198.107-034)
Staff RN
Store Manager
Women's Activity Advisor (785.361-014)

Representative employers that have hired our students:

Assoc. for Prevention of Family Violence - Elkhorn, WI
Boy Scouts of America - Milwaukee, WI
Brotoloc Health Care - Menomonee Falls, WI
Dane County Neighborhood Intervention Center - Madison, WI
Dean Riverview Clinic - Delavan, WI
Friends of Abused Families, Inc. - West Bend, WI
Girl Scouts of America - La Crosse, WI
Gulf Coast Community Care Center - Tampa, FL
Janesville YMCA - Janesville, WI
Marion College of Fond du Lac, WI
McCambridge - Cambridge, WI
Planned Parenthood - Milwaukee, WI
Riverland Girl Scouts Council - La Crosse, WI
ROWEL Organization for Missouri
Sunbursts Family Services - Neillsville, WI
Towson University - Towson, MD
Violence Intervention Center - Kewaunee, WI
Waukesha Memorial Hospital - Waukesha, WI

Graduate schools attended by our students:

Cornell University - Ithaca, NY
Mills College - Oakland, CA
Southwest Missouri State - St. Louis, MO
University of Illinois - Chicago, IL
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee - Milwaukee, WI
University of Wisconsin-Platteville - Platteville, WI
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater - Whitewater, WI

For further information outside Career & Leadership Development:

UW-Whitewater Women's Studies Department
Departmental Office, White Hall, Room 202
Phone: (262) 472-6237

National Women's Studies Association
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742