University of Wisconsin-Whitewater 2000-2001 Undergraduate Catalog

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Official registration for any session is accomplished only after students have: (1) been admitted and granted permission to register, (2) obtained advising as determined by the major department, (3) made a registration deposit, and (4) completed the process by either the telephone or the STAR system. Students may not attend a course/section without properly registering for it or adding it to their schedule of classes. Registration may not be permitted for any session after the last date of registration. The University reserves the right to close registration before the deadline if its enrollment capacity has been reached.

ACT REQUIREMENT: The ACT is required for all incoming freshmen prior to enrollment at UW-Whitewater. The exam is administered at a number of different times and locations; it is recommended that the exam be taken in the junior year or early in the senior year. Applicants must request ACT to forward scores to UW-Whitewater. If the ACT requirement is not satisfied by the time of enrollment, registration may be denied and/or classes may be cancelled for that or subsequent semesters. Questions regarding the ACT may be directed to the Office of Testing and Student Affairs Research (262-472-5613). The SAT Test is also acceptable.

CLASSIFICATION: Determined by the cumulative number of credits satisfactorily completed as follows:

New Freshman 0 credits (excluding college credits
earned while in high school)
Other Freshman 1-23.9 credits
Sophomore 24-59.9 credits
Junior 60-89.9 credits
Senior 90 credits or more

Registrar's Office - UW-Whitewater
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