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Faculty: Alka Arora, Harold Averkamp, Peter Barton, James Fischer, Robert Gruber, Lyal Gustafson, Ann Hendricks, Kenneth Macur, David Remmele, Clayton Sager, Nancy Schneeberger, Roy Weatherwax (Chairperson).

 The accounting program at UW-Whitewater is designed to prepare accounting majors to begin their career as professional accountants in any area of their choice—public accounting, industrial accounting, or governmental accounting. All of the programs in the College of Business and Economics at both the graduate and undergraduate levels are accredited by the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business. Accounting graduates are qualified to sit for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) examination and all other professional accounting certification examinations. In the State of Wisconsin all applicants to sit for the CPA exam who graduate after December 31, 2000 will be required to have completed an accounting program with 150 credits of selected coursework. At UWW we have designed an integrated 150 credit program culminating in a masters degree, Master of Professional Accountancy (MPA), to fulfill the new requirements.



A minimum combined transfer and UW-W grade-point average of 2.5 is required in 210-341, 210-342, 210-343 and in all accounting courses to major in accounting, and in all College of Business and Economics plus MCS courses to graduate as an accounting major.

NOTE 1: An accounting major may repeat no more than two accounting courses.

NOTE 2: Any accounting course may be one of the two repeats even if the original grade received was a "C" or better. For purposes of the grade point requirement in accounting the repeat grades will be used

NOTE 3: No one accounting course may be repeated more than once.


  1. ACTG 210-341, 210-342 AND 210-343
  1. ACTG 210-456
  2. ACTG 210-451
  3. ACTG 210-454
  4. ACTG 210-461
  5. ACTG 210-463
  6. ACTG 210-465
  7. ACTG 210-452 (BBA only) OR 210-493 (MPA only)
  1. ENGL 680-370 OR B ED 220-356
  2. FNLW 240-342 (for students who do plan to go on to the MPA program only)
  3. MATH 760-243 (GM) OR 760-250 (GM) OR 760-253 (GM)
Courses Outside Business College (60 cr)
  1. A minimum of 60 credits outside the College of Business and Economics and the MCS dept is required. 12 credits of economics courses are included in this total.
Accounting 210-249 may not be taken for credit by an accounting major. However, credit received for 210-249 prior to becoming an accounting major will be counted as elective credits and included for purpose of the accounting GPA requirements once selection of the accounting major is made. Non-accounting majors who have already received credit for 210-342 may not receive credit for 210-249 or vice versa.

An accounting major must complete 120 credits including one credit each of physical education and career information. Courses in skill areas, Concepts of American Business and physical education electives must be taken over and above this 120 credit total. Students who are required to enroll in Math 760-141 will be required to take 123 credits to complete the accounting program.

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