University of Wisconsin-Whitewater2000-2001 Undergraduate Catalog

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Joseph S. Domitrz, Dean
Donald K. Zahn, Associate Dean
Janet E. Olson, Assistant Dean
Carla M. Lenk, Business Outreach Director


Roy C. Weatherwax
Business Education/Office Systems
Marcia James
Ashok Bhargava
Finance and Business Law
Ronald Crabb
Christine Clements
Jimmy Peltier


The mission of the College of Business and Economics is to primarily provide quality undergraduate education serving career-oriented students. The College will also provide a quality graduate program built upon existing undergraduate programs of excellence. Continuing education for the region will be offered through quality credit and non-credit programs. The College will meet its mission under the guidance of a faculty committed to excellence in teaching and sustained scholarship. Education is broadly interpreted to include experiences in and outside the classroom.


The College of Business and Economics attempts to provide you with the skills and knowledge which will allow you to succeed in a business administration profession. We stress a close faculty-student relationship and encourage student activities which will help you develop professional skills. You will have the opportunity to become involved in projects with business firms which will aid in this skill development. The programs of the College are based on a broad general education which provides you with a fundamental understanding of the society in which you live and work. College requirements develop your knowledge of the traditional functional area of business, the behavioral sciences, the management sciences and the systems approach to problem solving. Completion of the degree includes intensive study in a chosen major to prepare you for a career in the field of your choice.

The four-year program leading to the Bachelor of Business Administration degree is composed of four phases:

• Proficiency and general education.

• Lower division business requirements.

• Upper division business core requirements.

• Major.



All students interested in pursuing a business major must declare "Pre-Business" as the major. Pre-Business students are eligible to enroll in lower division business courses after they have completed twenty-four credits and possess at least a 2.50 combined grade point average. After a student completes fifty-four or more credits and has satisfactorily completed or is enrolled in 210-244, 210-249 or 210-341/342, 230-211, 230-212, 230-245 and 250-211 (765-162 and 765-171 for BBA MCS majors), the student may apply for admission to a major in the College of Business and Economics. All students with a 2.80 combined GPA or better would be admitted to a major in the College. A student whose combined GPA is less than 2.80 may be admitted based on an alternative formula. Application forms for admission to the College of Business and Economics are available at the Assistant Dean's Office and are completed during the required Pre-Business registration information meeting. A student who completes any business course with out having met the requirements for a business major cannot become a business major after completing the course.

Budget, enrollment, or other factors may cause these standards to be altered by the College. Students who have questions concerning admission should contact the Assistant Dean of the College of Business and Economics.

Students must complete course work in residence at UW-Whitewater in at least six courses (18 credit minimum) in their major field. A maximum of two transfer courses will be allowed in any major in the BBA curriculum.

BBA students may not take any courses offered by the College of Business and Economics or any BBA degree requirements (unique/lower/upper) on a satisfactory/no credit (S/NC) basis except those offered on an S/NC basis only by the department.

The College is organized into the departments of Accounting, Business Education/Office Systems, Economics, Finance and Business Law, Management, and Marketing.

Majors are available in accounting, business education, economics, finance, general business, management, human resource management, management computer systems, marketing, computer end-user technologies and production operations management. The general business major is administered by the Assistant Dean. Students desiring majors in accounting, finance, general business, computer end-user technologies, human resource management, management, marketing and production operations management can obtain these majors only in the BBA degree program in the College of Business and Economics. They may not be taken as primary or secondary majors in other colleges.


College of Letters and Sciences

The Professional Minor in Business Studies is designed for students seeking a liberal arts education with preparation for a career in an area of business. This preparation in both liberal arts and business will also assist students planning to advance their career opportunities by seeking an M.B.A. (Master of Business Administration) degree.

Requirements for the nine approved areas of emphasis are described under the College of Letters and Science section. Within these emphases, however, variations are possible to meet the programmatic needs of individual students. A minimum GPA of 2.25 in the minor is required for graduation. Grades received for transfer courses that are counted in the minor will be included in determining the GPA in the minor.


Students in the College of Business and Economics are required to have:

1. a minimum combined transfer and UW-W GPA of 2.5

2. a minimum combined transfer and UW-W GPA of 2.5 in all subjects offered by departments in the College of Business and Economics and in the Department of Management Computer Systems

3. a minimum combined transfer and UW-W GPA of 2.5 in their major.


The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, in cooperation with the University of Wisconsin Center at Waukesha and the University of Wisconsin-Extension, presents unique programs designed for adults who desire to continue their education in the field of business and management. Outreach programs offer the services of the University of Wisconsin system to the people of the surrounding area who cannot take advantage of the regular college programs because of personal commitments. The Business Outreach Program contains both credit and noncredit courses and is divided into four major areas:

1. Master's Degree Program in Business - A University of Wisconsin-Whitewater MBA or MPA (Masters of Professional Accountancy) degree can be earned through a program of graduate study on the Whitewater and Waukesha campuses. The program is designed to accommodate adult part-time students through special advising and evening courses. Classes and evening programs are offered at the following locations: