Examination of effective learning strategies and study behaviors and their application. Emphasis is upon developing a recognition of necessary academic survival skills, their application on an individual basis, and establishing a repertoire of metacognitive techniques. This course does not count toward the 120 hours required for graduation.

930-060 COLLEGE READING 3 cr
The course includes analysis of college-level textbooks and research articles. The course also includes comprehension and comprehension monitoring strategies, vocabulary development and efficient reading strategies. This course does not count toward the 120 hours required for graduation.

930-080    PASS (Partnership for Achieving Student Success) WORKSHOP        1-3 cr
Weekly workshop sessions will help students to develop critical thinking, reading, and writing skills, as well as enable them to identify immediated and long-range academic and personal goals, to gain a better understanding of their rights and responsibilities as students and citizens, to learn about and practice effective time and stress management techniques, to acquaint them with various available student support services, and to establish sound relationships with both the instructor/academic advisor or the workshop and their other UWW instructors.
Prereq: The target group of students for this workshop will be second term freshmen who earned a 1.0 or below during the their first term. Any upper division student who has been reinstated by the College of Letters and Sciences after a successful appeal to the Academic Standards Committee will also have the option of enrolling in this workshop.

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