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Refund/Repayment Policy for Financial Aid Recipients: Financial Aid is awarded to students to cover educational costs charged by the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and other related costs. Funds disbursed to students may exceed these costs when a student withdraws or drops classes during a Fall/Spring , Summer or Winter term Refunds of fees to financial aid programs will be processed by the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Federal and state regulations require that a prorated portion of funds disbursed to cover non-institutional costs be repaid by the student.

Students should refer to the Timetable for details regarding Financial Aid Refund/Repayment policies. The actual repayment will be determined by the Financial Aid Office. Students will receive a statement from University Financial Services and repayments will be made to that office. Students remain INELIGIBLE for future financial aid until repayment is made in full.

If a student is considering or finds it necessary to withdraw, it is advisable to contact the Financial Aid Office. They will assist in determining the financial impact on the student. Withdrawals are initiated at the Registrar's Office.

Students who withdraw during the first Fall Term, but plan to return Spring Term, must submit WRITTEN notification to the Financial Aid Office so that aid may be reinstated and/or revised. If they fail to notify the Financial Aid Office, the aid will automatically be cancelled.

Information included in this section is subject to change at any time because of federal, state, or University regulations.

Registrar's Office - UW-Whitewater
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