University of Wisconsin-Whitewater 2000-2001 Undergraduate Catalog

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Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System

Roger E. Axtell Janesville
Jonathan B. Barry Mt. Horeb
John T. Benson Madison
Patrick G. Boyle Madison
JoAnne Brandes Sturtevant
Alfred S. DeSimone Kenosha
Guy A. Gottschalk Wisconsin Rapids
Gregory L Gracz Milwaukee
Ruth Marcene James Fennimore
Virginia R. MacNeil Bayside
Toby E. Marcovich Superior
Frederic E. Mohs Madison
Jose A. Olivieri Milwaukee
San W. Orr, Jr. Wausau
Gerard A. Randall, Jr. Milwaukee
Jay L. Smith Middleton

University of Wisconsin System Administration

President Katharine C. Lyall

Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs David J. Ward

Senior Vice President for Administration David W. Olien

Vice President for Finance Marcia Bromberg

Vice President for University Relations Margaret S. Lewis

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Campus Administration

Office of the Chancellor

Chancellor John W. Miller

Director of Athletics Shawn Eichorst

Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs David J. Prior

Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Richard J. Telfer

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Support Services Roger L. Pulliam

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Technology and Information Resources Hsi-ping Shao

Dean of College of Arts and Communication John H. Heyer

Dean of College of Business and Economics Joseph S. Domitrz

Dean of College of Education Jeffrey C. Barnett

Dean of College of Letters and Sciences Howard L. Ross

Dean of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education Richard C. Lee

Assistant Dean of Student Life for New Student Programs Linda Long

Executive Director of Admissions Tori A. McGuire

Registrar James McBride Stewart

Director of Career Services Craig Mosurinjohn

Director of Disabled Student Services John D. Truesdale

Director of Financial Aid Carol Miller

Director of University Health & Counseling

Services Judith A. McNeely

Director of Residence Life Jeff C. Janz

Director of Bookstore and Textbook Rental Wayne C. Lusk

Director of Children's Center Donna Summers (Acting)

Acting Director of Irvin L. Young Auditorium David A. Nees

Director of Recreation Sports/Facilities Gary L. Harms

Director of University Center/Activities Patricia K. Freer

Coordinator of Student/Employee Assistance Lynn A. Mucha

Office of the Assistant Chancellor for Student Affairs

Assistant Chancellor for Student Affairs Roger B. Ludeman

Deputy Assistant Chancellor for Student Affairs Stephen H. Summers

Dean of Student Life Ron Buchholz (Acting)

Office of the Assistant Chancellor for Administrative Affairs

Assistant Chancellor for Administrative Services James W. Freer

Director Financial Services and Controller Kipp Sonnentag

Director of Human Resourses and Diversity Kim Dockus

Director of Police and Parking Services Janis K. Goder

Director of Risk Management and Safety Vay A. Rodman

Director, Facilities Planning & Management Joseph Koczan

Office of the Assistant Chancellor for University Advancement

Assistant Chancellor for University Advancement Michael C. Spellman

Executive Director of UW-Whitewater Foundation Jonathan C. Enslin

Executive Director of University Relations Thomas Kolda

Director of Alumni Relations Mark S. Dorn

Director of News and Public Affairs Debra Kain

Office of the Assistant Chancellor for Budget Planning and Analysis

Assistant Chancellor for Budget, Planning & Analysis Randy D. Marnocha

Registrar's Office - UW-Whitewater
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