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Campus Directory: 262-472-1234
Information Center: 262-472-1170
Ticket Center: 262-472-2222
FAX: 262-472-3900

The University Center (UC) is considered a gathering place for the campus community. It's a great place to attend a program, work on group projects or study individually, shoot a game of pool, grab a snack or enjoy a full-sized meal, and best of all--to meet up with friends. Activity thrives in the UC!

Students will soon discover there is a number of offices and services in the UC which have been carefully designed to meet students' needs. They'll find study lounges, meeting and conference rooms, four dining areas, the Convenience Store, Adult Resource Center, The Center Gallery, the Multicultural Education Center, Credit Union, TYME machine, Ride Board, and more.

One of the best ways to learn about the daily events in the building or around campus is to stop by the Information/Ticket Center. This is also the place to purchase tickets for Cultural Affairs, Theatre/Dance, athletic events, and other campus programs. The University Center Web Page is the newest way to learn about programs and services in the UC. (

Student organizations such as the Center Net, the Whitewater Student Association, the "Royal Purple" (student newspaper) and the UW-W Student Foundation are also located in the UC. And, if students want to relax between classes, they can go to the Recreation Center to have some fun.

The University Center also provides a number of employment opportunities for students. Positions available range from working as an Information Desk Attendant to a Building Manager, and from a Technical Services Crew Member to a Graphic Artist. These positions can help give students professional experience in their chosen area of study. They also get the chance to work with other students, faculty and staff and gain many new insights into how campus departments work together. In addition, some positions are arranged for students to earn academic credits.

Come to the University Center and join in the activity. You'll soon find "You're Among Friends" in the University Center.

ADULT RESOURCE CENTER (UC 121): The Adult Resource Center (ARC) is an office on campus that is intended to be a resource for all students, but has a primary focus on meeting the needs of returning adult students. The ARC provides resources, plans programs and offers referrals for a wide variety of student concerns and interests. It's a friendly place to drop in, meet others, get a cup of coffee, or relax and socialize between classes. Visitors are also invited to browse through the book and magazine collection.

CATERING SERVICES (UC 106): From coffee, to an elaborate banquet, the Catering Office will accomodate your needs. This service is available year-round. Catering To Go is a convenient and inexpensive way for residence hall floors and student organizations to order food for various events.

THE CENTER GALLERY (UC120): The Center Gallery provides artwork for students, faculty, staff and the surrounding community to view. The Gallery features four to six shows each semester and offers hands-on work experience for Student Gallery Assistants.

CENTER FOR STUDENT INVOLVEMENT & LEADERSHIP (UC 264): This unit of the University Center exists to assist students and student organizations in integrating and developing inside and outside the University community. The Center provides resources for organizations as well as a variety of activities to entertain and develop the University family.

CENTER NET (2nd Floor East): This student run programming board utilizes student fees to develop, coordinate and produce events for students. A wide variety of programs are offered, such as the Underground Dance Club, comedians, live bands, etc.

CONVENIENCE STORE (UC 150): The Convenience Store provides snacks and quick meal items for students and staff on the go. Also available are clothing and school supplies, cleaning and grocery products, health and beauty items, greeting cards, newspapers, film and photo processing services.

HAWKCARD(UC 245): The HawkCard (University ID card) is provided upon enrollment at UW-Whitewater. The HawkCard is required for use of University food service program, enrollment verification, and Purple Point Accounts. Look for the "HawkCard Accepted Here" signs throughout the campus.

Report lost or stolen HawkCard to the HawkCard Office, UC245, phone 262-472-1437 or any HawkCard location cashier. Attempted use of any reported lost or stolen HawkCard will result in the card being confiscated and forwarded to the HawkCard Office. There is a $10 fee for the replacement of lost or stolen HawkCards. Contact the HawkCard Office, UC245, for a replacement card.

MULTICULTURAL EDUCATION CENTER (UC 122): The Multicultural Education Center (MEC) is a resource center, which provides information on student organizations, campus services, programs and activities. In addition, the MEC has an extensive multicultural library and compilation of journals and newspapers, and a comprehensive collection of videos on diversity. They also sponsor a variety of programs every semester.

OFFICE OF COMMUNITY SERVICE (UC 266): UW-Whitewater offers many community service opportunities for its students through the Office of Community Service as well as Students Organized for Service (SOS). UW-Whitewater offers a number of one-time, short-term, and long-term service opportunities for students. UW-W is a member institution of America Reads, a national service program where college students provide reading tutoring in area schools. Through involvement in community service, students fulfill the hours required for graduation from the College of Business & Economics, and can meet the criteria established for admission to the College of Education. Many students who participate in community service gain experience in their field of study thereby enhancing their academic learning and career development.

OFFICE OF STUDENT LIFE (UC 253): This office is responsible for organizing and planning the New Student Convocation, Commencement and publishing Focus on Comtemporary Issues which provides important information to the campus community. The Office of Student Life is also responsible for handling Academic and Non-Academic Student Misconduct.

PRINTING SERVICES (UC 60): Printing Services offers a variety of services to assist campus departments, faculty, staff and students with their daily operations or those special one-time needs. These services are offered at competitive prices and include high speed copying, offset printing, spiral binding and transparencies. There is also a FAX service for incoming and outgoing transmittals.

PURPLE POINT ACCOUNT: A Purple Point Account is a prepaid debit account accessed by using a HawkCard (University ID card). A minimum deposit of $50 is required to open a Purple Point Account. Deposits to a Purple Point Account can be billed to students with tuition, fees, room, and board. Purple Points may be used at all dining locations, vending machines, University Bookstore, residence hall laundry facilities, and other retail and service locations on campus. Contact the HawkCard Office, UC245, phone 262-472-1437 for more details. Look for the "HawkCard Accepted Here" signs throughout campus.

THE RECREATION CENTER (UC 24): The Recreation Center has 10 bowling lanes, 8 full-size pool tables, dart board machines, air hockey, foosball, and 20-plus video and pinball games. The Recreation Center is fully accessible to all individuals. Special programs include: Bowling Leagues, Glow in the Dark Bowling (Thursdays), Friday Night Pool Specials, Strikes N' Riches (Saturdays), and Rent-a-Lane Bowling (Sundays). Outdoor and Camping Equipment, Canoes, and Portable Volleyball Kits are also available at low rental rates.

RESERVATIONS (UC 250): UC Reservations serves as a place to make reservations for rooms in the James R. Connor University Center as well as other locations on campus. The University Center has facilities for meetings, banquets and special events for as few as four people, and as many as 625.

ROYAL PURPLE (UC 62): Located in the lower level of the University Center, The Royal Purple student staff creates the UW-Whitewater weekly campus newspaper. Students can volunteer, earn credit and/or be paid for working on The Royal Purple.

STUDENT LEADERSHIP PROGRAM & OPPORTUNITIES (2nd Floor East): UW-Whitewater offers many opportunities for students to become active members of the campus community. Through involvement in organizations and activities, students have a unique opportunity to develop their leadership potential by practicing many skills of "paraprofessional" leaders vital to the delivery of various programs and services. Students may explore leadership opportunities by participating in various seminars and workshops designed for the intentional exploration of the development of leadership.

STUDENTS ORGANIZED FOR SERVICE (2nd Floor East): Students Organized for Service (SOS) is made up of a student executive board which operates a number of programs and service opportunities on campus and in the Whitewater community. Programs provide a variety of ways students can work with other people or volunteer in other capacities, once each week or once each year, work with a group or individually.

UNIVERSITY DINING SERVICES (Rm 242, 472-1161): University Dining Services offers a variety of convenient facilities to meet customers' dining needs. From cheesy pepperoni pizza to homemade bakery goods, we have the means to satisfy your appetite.

DINING AREAS: There are five dining areas in the University Center, each with its own specialties. These include:

These places provide an ideal opportunity to meet friends between or after classes and to enjoy a great meal.

MEAL PLANS: Students that are required to live on campus are also required to choose one of the seven meal plans offered by University Dining Services. There are three types of plans to offer students flexibility; fixed meals, point plans and a block meal plan. There is a Dining Hall on the East and West Side of campus to provide convenient service.

UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE. The University Bookstore, located in Moraine Hall, provides personal and educational materials to students and faculty. In addition to course textbooks and manuals, dictionaries, magazines, records and an array of books such as best sellers, classics, home and health books, children's books and course related titles are available in the book department. In the supply department, students may obtain supplies for Art, Biology and other courses as well as notebooks, paper and general school supplies. In addition, cards, posters, and sundries are available. Jackets, shorts, sweatshirts, knapsacks and T-shirts are popular items. Film processing, class rings, caps and gowns, laminating, and special orders are other services provided by the Bookstore staff.

UW CREDIT UNION (UC 67): The UW Credit Union is a student-friendly, full-service financial institution. Services include Free Checking, ATM/VISA, Check Cards with unlimited withdrawals, auto and student loans, low fixed-rate credit cards, and free computer home-banking. All UW students and their parents automatically qualify for membership.


FACILITIES The Office of Residence Life administers thirteen residence halls that can accommodate approximately 3,800 students. Residence halls range in size from 200 to 600 residents and offer a range of living options such as single sex and coed halls, coed floors, coed wings, smoke-free halls, upperclass floors and halls, substance free floors, a Global Village, as well as YearOne and YearTwo residence halls. In addition, residents may choose from single rooms, double rooms, triple rooms and two-person suites.

All residence halls offer completely furnished rooms, as well as kitchens, study lounges, laundry facilities, and TV lounges. Many halls offer other amenities such as game rooms and meeting rooms. All residence hall students are invited to use the computer labs in Wells and Drumlin Halls. In addition, all rooms are wired for direct access to the computer labs.

STAFF Each Residence Hall is administered by a Professional Residence Hall Director. A Resident Assistant (RA) lives on each wing and assists students with the residential living experience. Custodians work hard in each building to keep public area facilities clean and in top shape. All of these staff members are eager to work with residents to meet their on-campus housing needs.


The UW-Whitewater Residence Halls are proud to offer a variety of programming and involvement opportunities to meet the needs of all students. Hall, house and floor governments in each building work with the staff to plan many different activities such as dances, dinners, movie nights, trips, intramural teams, study skill programs, and speakers to present a variety of topics.

University Fitness is located in the lower level of Wells Hall and membership is available for a nominal fee to all students. The Cable 6 Television station also operates through the Office of Residence Life and offers opportunities for involvement.

The Office of Residence Life is a large student employer on campus and is often recruiting for many positions such as RA, desk receptionist, student custodian, clerical assistant, graphic artist, fitness instructor, grounds crew worker, and many others. Students who seek information about these positions, or any aspect of Residence Life, should feel free to call for more information.


All freshman and sophomore students with fewer than 60 credits are required to live in university-operated residence halls. Exceptions can be made for students who are veterans, are married, if two academic years or more have elapsed since earning a high school diploma or equivalent, or who have university permission to live at home. A notarized request for commuter status must be filed with the Office of Residence Life. Students may also be exempted from this policy if they have resided in university-owned residence halls for at least four Fall/Spring Terms.


Further information about housing, along with an application, is sent to students upon their admission to the university. Students are required to submit a $125 prepayment with their residence hall application and contract acceptance form. This prepayment is non-refundable after the May 1 contract cancellation deadline identified in the contract.

Additional information about university-owned residence halls is available by calling the Office of Residence Life at 262-472-4255.


The Whitewater Student Government is the official representative of the student body. It has the primary responsibility for University policy concerning student life, services, and interests, and also maintains several agencies which provide a variety of services to the University and community.

Structurally, the Whitewater Student Government consists of an executive branch and the Student Senate. The Senate meets every Monday at 7:00 pm in the University Center Room 219. Everyone is welcome.

By meeting the responsibilities given to it by state law, the Whitewater Student Government gives students an opportunity to become involved in University governance and to develop their initiative and leadership.

Any questions, comments or suggestions are welcome, and can be directed to the Whitewater Student Government Office at University Center 61; the telephone number is 262-472-1166, and the FAX number is 262-472-5097.


Ambrose Health Center
Health Services 262-472-1300
Counseling Services 262-472-1305

The University Health and Counseling Services (UHCS) provides comprehensive services and referrals for multiple concerns related to students' physical and mental health. Services are available to all currently registered UW-W students from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday during the fall and spring semesters; hours vary during the evening and during summer session and break periods. A 24-hour Crisis Line is available for all students through Walworth County Human Services. UHCS staff are committed to quality service and health education with services, programs and consultations provided in many different settings (individually and with groups).

Health services include consultation and treatment by physicians, nurse practitioners, and nurse clinicians for illnesses and injuries. Many laboratory tests (including cholesterol screen and HIV testing) and some medications are provided. Programs include weight control counseling, smoking cessation, nutrition counseling for students with eating disorders and borderline cholesterol levels, allergy shots, cold self-care, contraceptive services, diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases through regular Personal Reproductive Care (PRC) clinics, and assistance in coordination of health care for students with chronic illnesses and/or physical disabilities. UHCS does not provide eye examinations, dental care, or consultation with specialists. Assistance with referrals to outside sources of care is provided, if needed. Charges are made for some services and supplies within the Health Services, and all outside services are the financial responsibility of the student. A number of outreach programs is offered by staff and peer educators, and again focus on the individual's rights and responsibilities with personal health care issues.

Health insurance is recommended; a policy is endorsed by the university and information is available from UHCS. Hospital care is available when needed in nearby communities. Transportation can be arranged to Fort Atkinson, Janesville or Elkhorn for medical consultation/urgent care both day and night; call UHCS (262-472-1300 or 1305) or Residence Life. In the case of emergencies, the City of Whitewater Rescue Squad should be contacted by calling 911 off-campus or 9-911 on-campus.

Counseling services include individual and group counseling (primarily short-term) for UW-W students dealing with a number of personal issues. In addition, consultation is available to faculty, staff and students. Significant outreach efforts are made with the campus and the community. The primary focus is on prevention and education in these outreach programs.

The services are staffed by professional psychologists and counselors, as well as supervised counselors-in-training. If immediate or direct services are not available here, assistance is offered with appropriate referrals. Students with ANY personal concerns (adjustment to college, relationship issues, alcohol and drug issues, depression, stress management, self-esteem, roommate problems, eating disorders, sexuality issues, sexual abuse or assualt, or even feeling better about life) should be encouraged to ask for help at UHCS. ALL SERVICES OF UHCS ARE CONFIDENTIAL.


Most students take advantage of the services of the Career Services Office as they explore career fields, develop career plans, prepare themselves for the job search process and actually search for employment. Valuable information and assistance are available to all undergraduate students, graduate students and alumni of the University. Services include individual and group career counseling, a library of career information, computerized career guidance systems, regular listings of job and internship opportunities, assistance in establishing credential files, creative job hunting, resume and cover letter writing, job-interviewing skills and referral to employers. Students are encouraged to take advantage of career planning and job search assistance during their college years.


The Whitewater Women's Center is located in Salisbury Hall 217 & 236 and is open during Fall and Spring semesters. It is a safe place for all women on campus to receive help, support, information, referrals and advocacy, ranging from issues of sexual assault to support groups for victims of abuse.

The Center is a place where women can work together toward dissolving barriers, rules and attitudes which deny women education, earning power, choices about their own lives or the right to stand with pride as women. This is done through educational programs, support groups and advocacy efforts.

Referrals utilize agencies both on and off campus that can best provide assistance to those in need. The Center also has a resource library on women's issues.


The Multicultural Education Center (MEC), located in UC 122, provides a friendly and inviting atmosphere which brings students, faculty and staff to its doors. The MEC has a wide array of multicultural resources that are available for students, staff and faculty. Some of these resources include information on campus activities, information on leadership programs, and an extensive multicultural library. In addition, the MEC provides support and leadership to educational programs, which are existent or newly developed on campus. The MEC is open to all visitors during its regular hours: Monday-Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Thursday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Friday from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Please contact the staff at 262-472-2798 with any questions about its resources or to reserve the facilities.


The University offers year round, high-quality preschool and school-age programs for children of students, faculty and staff ages 2-6 years during Spring and Fall Semesters and 2-11 years during Summer Session. Part-time and full-time schedules are available to suit parents' class, work and study times on and off-campus. The Children's Center also serves as a teacher-training site and is state-licensed and nationally-accredited. The Center is open Monday through Friday 7:30 am - 5:30 pm during the Spring and Fall Semesters and Monday through Friday 7:15 am - 5:15 pm during the Summer Session. For information regarding curriculum, registration and fees write or call: Director, University Children's Center, Roseman Building Room 1035, UW-Whitewater, 262-472-1768.



The Office of International Education and Programs is responsible for the recruitment and administration of UW-Whitewater's international students. The office provides orientation for new students, and assists international students with personal, academic, and financial concerns as well as issues with housing, food, or immigration. The office also serves as a liaison with the academic and administrative areas of the University and coordinates cultural and social programs that interface foreign and domestic cultures such as the International Dinner, Host Family Program and International Week.


The Office of International Education and Programs provides necessary services and assistance to students who are interested in participating in study abroad, travel, or exchange opportunities. In addition, the Office works closely with the Faculty Exchange and Fulbright Programs in assisting faculty who may be interested in faculty exchanges.

UW-Whitewater provides study abroad choices to meet the diverse academic and personal needs of the student. Programs vary in location, length, level, academic focus, language requirements and cost. Each program consists of academic study with an appropriate cross-cultural learning experience in a foreign country. Financial aid and scholarships are available for certain programs.

Study abroad is a most effective and intensive learning experience. A term or year spent overseas opens a window to the world which broadens international and intercultural awareness and sheds new light on preconceptions. International study brings fresh perspective to career choice, international understanding and human relationships. If students are to function effectively in the increasingly global economy, they need to acquire new perspesctives, knowledge and skills to succeed.

Take advantage of these opportunities to study at universities with which we have special relations:

In addition to the above, there is a variety of short-term travel study courses available throughout the year and during summer and winterim sessions. International field experiences, including student teaching and internships, are available through the College of Education in partnership with Bethlehem Moravian College in Malvern, Jamaica and the University of Technology in Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies.

The possibilities are endless through the University of Wisconsin System Study Abroad Programs.


Fraternities. Ten general Greek fraternities maintain chapters on the Whitewater campus. Nine of these--Alpha Phi Alpha, Delta Chi, Kappa Alpha Psi, Lambda Chi Alpha, Omega Psi Phi, Phi Beta Sigma, Phi Sigma Kappa, Pi Kappa Alpha and Tau Kappa Epsilon--are nationally affiliated. Phi Chi Epsilon is a local fraternity. A male student may become acquainted with a fraternity through inquiry to the respective fraternity or Center for Student Involvement and Leadership at 262-472-3191.

Sororities. Eight sororities maintain chapters on the Whitewater campus. Six of these--Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta, Delta Zeta, Sigma Gamma Rho, Sigma Sigma Sigma and Zeta Phi Beta--are nationally affiliated. Alpha Sigma is a local sorority and Zeta Sigma Chi is a regional sorority.


Roseman 1004: 262-472-4711 (V/TDD)

UW-Whitewater has had a program to provide services for students with disabilities since the 1970-71 school year. In 1973, the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System gave UW-Whitewater a unique, specific mission to provide services for students with disabilities. As a result, the UW-Whitewater campus is one of the most accessible campuses in the nation. More than $5 million has already been expended to make programs and facilities accessible. In addition, professional staff members for students with disabilities. As a result, the UW-Whitewater campus is one of the most accessible campuses in the nation. More than $5 million has already been expended to make programs and facilities accessible. In addition, professional staff members in Disabled Student Services and other Student Affairs Offices are available to provide a wide variety of services to meet both ordinary and unique needs of students with disabilities. The primary goal is to integrate disabled students into existing programs to the maximum extent possible. Specialized services are provided to meet unique needs.

Services include, but are not limited to:

STUDENTS FOR AN ACCESSIBLE SOCIETY (SAS) Roseman 1004 This is an organization open to ALL interested people. The organization was originally formed to meet the special needs of disabled students on campus, i.e., building modification and transportation. With the increased accessibility of the campus, SAS is gearing itself more towards political, social and economic concerns of disabled individuals. Its goal is to work not only on removing architectural barriers, but also on removing attitudinal barriers created by society's stereotypes.

For further information on SAS, or for information concerning other areas (i.e. transportation, housing, aides, physical therapy), students may contact Disabled Student Services at 472-4711.


The Royal Purple is an independent student newspaper of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater which is published weekly. Students can obtain hands-on editorial or advertising experience while receiving course credit. The Royal Purple also offers students the opportunity of advancement to editorial and business management positions.


WSUW-FM (91.7 on the dial) is a 1300 watt student run radio station operated by the University. The station serves as a laboratory for on-campus radio courses, and provides entertainment and public services to the University and surrounding communities.


MEN: 9 varsity sports . . . Member of Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference . . . Affiliated with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) III . . . Football . . . Cross Country . . . Basketball . . . Swimming . . . Wrestling . Indoor/Outdoor Track and Field . . . Tennis . . . Baseball . . . Soccer

WOMEN: 10 varsity sports . . . Member of Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference . . . Affiliated with the NCAA Division III . . . Volleyball . . . Swimming . . . Gymnastics . . . Basketball . . . Softball . . . Tennis . . . Indoor/Outdoor Track and field . . . Golf. . . Cross Country . . . Soccer


Sports facilities are open evenings and weekends for unorganized recreational use. Indoor facilities are available for such activities as basketball, volleyball, and swimming. Outdoor areas and facilities are also available for such activities as softball, football, tennis, sandpit volleyball, and basketball. A walking/jogging trail is located near Perkins Stadium for recreational use. Equipment checkout is available for these activities with a valid University I.D. Facility reservations are also available for any of the indoor or outdoor facilities, as well as the Lawcon picnic shelter near Wells Hall. A Weight Room/Fitness Center and aerobics membership fee is required, and can be purchased through the Office of Recreation Sports and Facilities, Room 142 Williams Center. Call 262-472-1544 for further information.


An extensive program of intramural sports is available for male and female students, faculty or staff. Tournaments and leagues are conducted throughout the year in various activities such as flag football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, wrestling, softball, tennis, sandpit volleyball, innertube water polo and floor hockey. Entry forms for these activities are available in the Intramural Office, Room 142 Williams Center. Call 262-472-1145 for further information.


A more in-depth sports experience than the intramural and/or general recreation program, it blends aspects of learning new skills, practicing with fellow participants and competing against clubs from other campuses. Active clubs include men's and women's ice hockey, men's volleyball, lacrosse, bowling, men's and women's rugby, cycling, billiards, karate, hobbits outdoor, martial arts, water skiing, ultimate frisbee and skiing. Contact the Club Sports Office, Room 142 Williams Center or call 262-472-1145 for further information.


The following religious organizations are represented on campus: Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, Catholic Student Association (Roman Catholic), Lutheran/Episcopal Student Association, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, UW-W Gospel Choir, and WELS Campus Ministry. In addition, the Campus Ministry Center is affiliated with the following religious faiths: Catholic, Lutheran, Episcopal, and United Ministries in Higher Education (Presbyterian, Congregational United Church of Christ, United Methodist, and American Baptist). Local churches or off-campus houses maintained by religious organizations provide the facilities for religious and social programs. Some meetings are held in University facilities.

Registrar's Office - UW-Whitewater
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