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GOALS OF ACADEMIC ADVISING: Academic advising at UW-Whitewater is student initiated and faculty based.

Students have the ultimate responsibility to monitor their course of study, to fulfill all degree requirements, and to take the initiative to seek advising. Assistance is made available through the development of a supportive advising relationship with a faculty member teaching in the student's major.

Faculty advisers will assist in the development of an educational plan that is consistent with students' intellectual and professional goals and objectives. After developing such a plan, advisers provide guidance in the attainment of those goals in an orderly and timely manner.

The specific objectives of academic advising at UW-Whitewater include the following:

1. To provide accurate information on institutional policies, requirements, and resources and to assist individual students in making appropriate course selections to fulfill all degree requirements.

2. To aid students in a continuing and realistic appraisal of their choice of major and their success in all aspects of the academic program.

3. To lend support and encouragement to students as they pursue their educational and personal goals.

4. To make referrals to special services offices when appropriate.

ADVISER ASSIGNMENT: Academic advising is a departmental responsibility, and in general, students' advising records are deposited in the departmental office of their major area. Most students are advised through the department of their major. Exceptions to this system include:

1. Pre-business students and all General Business majors in the College of Business and Economics are advised through the Office of the Assistant Dean, located in Carlson 4035.

2. Students who have not declared a major are advised by peer and faculty advisers in the College of Letters and Sciences - Undeclared Advising Office located in Salisbury 130.

3. Other students in the College of Letters and Sciences are assigned faculty advisers in the department of their major or in their pre-professional interest.

4. Students who are majoring in secondary education should seek advising from both their academic emphasis department and the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. Specific questions about admission to Professional Education and licensure can be addressed to the Office of the Assistant Dean located in Winther 2035.

5. Special students pursuing regular elementary, middle or secondary education teacher licensure are advised through the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, and special students pursuing special education teacher licensure are advised through the Department of Special Education. Specific questions about admission to Professional Education and licensure can be addressed to the Office of the Assistant Dean located in Winther 2035.

6. Students in the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) are advised by EOP advisers as well as departmental advisers.

In addition to the advising system outlined above, the offices of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, the Associate Vice Chancellor, Assistant Chancellor for Student Affairs, the College Advising Coordinators, Educational Opportunity Program, Registrar and Admission Offices, Tutorial Center, Learning Skills Center, University Health and Counseling Center, Academic Standards, Disabled Student Services, and Career Services are designed to give assistance as the need arises.

Related counseling services in the University include programs in financial aid, adult student resources, student employment, international student programs, health and vocational rehabilitation counseling, speech therapy and placement services. Career counseling is available through the Career Services Office.

The Registrar's Office maintains all academic records. Students may obtain a copy of their academic records as well as information about University regulations and registration from the Registrar's Office.

The Advisement Report (AR) is a complete match of a student's academic course history against a prescribed set of degree program requirements based upon the academic year on a student's record and the academic year of the requirements on the curriculum file. The AR is the official advising instrument. Students can request ARs from the advising locations of their major.

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