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GRADE POINT AVERAGE (GPA): The grade point average is based on the computation of units attempted and honor points earned. It is computed by dividing the honor point total by the total number of units attempted (excluding units attempted on a satisfactory/no credit basis). For example, if students attempted 16 units of work and received a B in each course, they would receive 48 honor points which would give them a grade point average of 3.00. Grade point averages are not rounded.

The undergraduate marking system and unit points for each term unit are as follows:

Conventional Grades Honor Points
A--Superior 4
B--Above Average 3
C--Average 2
D--Poor 1
F--Failure 0

N--No Grade Reported: 0 honor points for each term unit. Computed in the grade point average.

I--Incomplete: 0 honor points for each term unit but not computed in the grade point average. If students have been doing passing work until near the end of a term or summer school and then, because of illness or other unavoidable circumstances, are prevented from completing the work, their instructor may give them an "incomplete" and extend to them the privilege of completing the work at a later date. The instructor must give specific directions for the completion of the course on a Contract for Incomplete or Progress Grade and submit it to the Registrar with the final grades. An incomplete course must be completed within the agreed time but no later than the beginning of the exam period for the next term (excluding summer), or the grade automatically becomes an F unless a default grade was submitted by the teacher with the incomplete grade, in which case the default grade will be assigned. If awarded in the term of graduation, the make-up period is 30 days maximum. In no case will students be given an incomplete when, through their own fault, they failed to complete the requirements of the course on time or failed to report for the final examination as scheduled. If the course work is not completed in the allotted time and a grade change submitted by the instructor, the incomplete will automatically be changed to an F grade prior to the grading cycle following the deadline.

NC--No Credit: Indicates an unsuccessful (D or F equivalent) attempt of a course on a satisfactory/no credit basis. This grade is not computed in the grade point average.

S--Satisfactory: 0 honor points for each term unit and not figured in computing grade point average. It represents a C grade or above in a satisfactory/no credit grading situation.

W--Drop/Withdrawal: 0 honor points and 0 units. Indicates enrollment in the course through the first ten days of the term or the first five days in a short-term course or summer session with a subsequent course drop or withdrawal. Not computed in grade point average.

X--Audit: 0 honor points and 0 units. Not computed in grade point average.

TERM HONORS: Students having earned a 3.40 or above term grade point average with no grade below C (D, F, N, or NC), will be granted Academic Honors for that term. To be considered for Academic Honors, students must have successfully completed a minimum of 12 unit hours of work for the term, at least 9 of which must have been taken on a conventional grade basis.

ABSENCES: The notifying of instructors and arranging of make-up work in cases involving absence of students from class are the responsibility of the student. A student who is absent should notify instructors by phone or in person of the absence as soon as possible. If contact with instructors cannot be made directly, the student should see that a note is placed in each instructor's mailbox, explaining the nature of the situation and inquiring about the effect of the absence on the student's course work. If that is impossible, the student should call the academic departments involved.

In serious situations where the student is incapacitated and temporarily unable to perform the aforementioned responsibilities, family members may contact the Office of New Student Programs & First Year Experience (phone 262-472-3205) for assistance with these matters. The New Student Programs & First Year Experience office would then provide notification (not verification) of the absence to the instructors involved; however, arrangements for make-up work, make-up exams or possible assignment adjustments are entirely the responsibility of the student. The Student Health Service and the New Student Programs & First Year Experience offices do not provide excuses for absences from class due to illness.

If students have questions or need consultation regarding specific situations, they are encouraged to contact their instructors or the academic department involved.

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