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Degrees and Graduation

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater offers the following undergraduate degrees: Associate of Arts, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Arts-Letters & Sciences: Bachelor of Arts-Arts & Communication, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Science: Bachelor of Science-Letters & Sciences, Bachelor of Science-Arts & Communication, and Bachelor of Science in Education. Students may be awarded only one degree at any commencement. The University has the right to rescind a previously granted degree if the University becomes aware of information that the degree should not have been granted.

SECOND DEGREE: Students wishing to earn a second baccalaureate degree from UW-Whitewater must complete all requirements for the second degree and have a minimum of 30 undergraduate units at UW-Whitewater after the date of the conferring of the first earned degree. A minimum of 25% of the major course units and 25% of the minor course units must be completed at UW-Whitewater.

BACHELOR'S DEGREE REQUIREMENTS: To be a candidate for the Bachelor's Degree, students must satisfactorily complete the following: 1) a minimum of 120 undergraduate units in courses numbered 100 through 400; 2) the General Education requirements, college requirements, and departmental requirements; 3) a minimum GPA of 2.0 or better on a 4.0 system both overall and in the major and minor fields [certain programs require grade point averages higher than 2.0 - see college and major requirement sections]; 4) completion of a minor if required in the major/degree program; the minor must be a valid combination with the major, a second major may be used in place of a minor; 5) the major department's writing competency requirement. Students should refer to their AR and/or contact their departmental adviser to determine which course, course sequence or equivalent will fulfill this requirement. Completion of the writing requirement for one major will satisfy this requirement in the other major; 6) a 3-unit diversity course, the primary focus of which is racial and ethnic minority issues. This course may also satisfy other university requirements; 7) a minimum of 48 units at an accredited 4-year institution after the last unit was earned at a 2-year institution; and, 8) participation in a University institutional testing program examination, if requested.

ASSOCIATE OF ARTS DEGREE REQUIREMENTS: Students may earn an Associate of Arts degree by successfully completing a minimum of 60 units, including the 44 units of the General Education requirements (Communication & Calculation Skills & University Requirements), and the Diversity requirement with a UW-W 2.00 cumulative GPA. The General Education requirements are the same as those for baccalaureate degrees.

Fifteen of the 60 units must be taken in course work at UW-Whitewater. Students must be enrolled at UW-Whitewater during the term in which the requirements are completed.

Application for an Associate of Arts degree must be made no later than two years after the last term of attendance. An Associate of Arts degree cannot be received at the same time as a baccalaureate degree or subsequent to the awarding of a baccalaureate degree. Associate of Arts degree candidates do not participate in the commencement ceremony. There is a graduation fee for the Associate of Arts degree.

RELATED DEGREE POLICIES: Students must take required courses in their major and their minor on a conventional grade basis. The same course units may not be counted in both the major(s) and the minor(s). In those cases in which the same courses are required in more than one major and/or minor, departments will determine appropriate additional courses to meet the minimum unit requirements for each. The minimum unit requirements must be met for each major and each minor.

Students are responsible for meeting all degree requirements in effect at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater at the time of the declaration of their current major unless they interrupt their attendance at Whitewater by an absence of four or more consecutive terms (including summer), in which case they will be subject to the requirements in effect at the time of reentry. Students may elect to satisfy any newer set of requirements provided they satisfy all of the requirements related to the specific component of the degree program.

If students have not completed their degree requirements within eight years, they may be required by the dean of the college in which they are enrolled to satisfy newer requirements as deemed appropriate. Under special conditions substitutions are allowed that are in their best interest and considered educationally sound by the dean.

Students may fulfill the requirements for another major or minor after receiving their degree from UW-Whitewater if the following conditions are satisfied: 1) the major/minor course and GPA requirements in effect at the time of declaration of intent are completed; 2) course units used to satisfy the requirements of previous major(s) or minor(s) are not used; 3) the major/minor transfer course limitation is not exceeded; and 4) the course selection is approved by the department chairperson. A major or a minor will not be awarded to a student who has not earned a degree at UW-Whitewater.

RESIDENCE REQUIREMENTS: A minimum of thirty (30) units of UW-Whitewater course work is required to qualify for an undergraduate degree. At least fifteen (15) of these thirty (30) units must be taken at UW-Whitewater immediately prior to graduation. A minimum of 25% of the major course units and 25% of the minor course units must be completed at UW-Whitewater. Students pursuing any major in the BBA curriculum must complete course work in at least six courses (18 unit minimum) in their major field. A maximum of two transfer courses may count in the BBA major.

APPLICATION FOR DEGREE: Students must file a written application for degree with a Graduation Examiner in the Registrar's Office no later than the end of the second week of the term in which they expect to graduate. However, it is strongly recommended that they apply at least 15 months before the intended graduation date, so changes can be made to their academic record if a problem is identified during the graduation clearance process. Application forms are available in the Registrar's Office. To avoid graduation problems, the AR should be thoroughly reviewed with an academic adviser each term.

If students wish to challenge a final term grade as a graduating student, they must make the challenge within 30 days of the end of the term in which the students are graduating. After the degree is posted, no changes will be made retroactively to the permanent academic record. Any questions should be directed to the Records department of the Registrar's Office at 472-1580. All work toward a degree must be completed and the graduation approvals obtained with appropriate documentation on file in the Registrar's office within one month after graduation, or graduation will be delayed until the next graduation date following completion of the work.

Students may graduate on the official date of graduation for a preceding term, if they successfully complete all course and degree requirements within 30 days of the official end of that term. This policy allows for students to use courses completed in Winterim or the first session of the Summer Term when these sessions are completed within 30 days of the end of the December or May term respectively. It is understood that there cannot be an extension beyond this 30-day limit from the previous term for incomplete or progress grades received in Winterim or the first session of the Summer Term.

GRADUATION FEE: Graduating students will be charged a graduation fee which will appear on their billing statement. The fee is paid to the University Cashier's Office during the term in which the students intend to graduate. The fee is published in the current timetable. The diploma cost is part of the graduation fee. A request for a duplicate copy of the diploma will be processed for a $10.00 fee, if an exact replica can be obtained from the diploma vendor.

ATTENDANCE AT GRADUATION: Formal commencement exercises are held at the close of the fall and the spring terms. Students choosing to participate must attend the ceremony at the end of the fall and spring terms in which their degree is granted and must wear a cap and gown at the ceremony. Students completing their degree during a summer term may participate in the preceding spring or the following fall term commencement and must choose the ceremony when applying for graduation.

GRADUATION HONORS: Graduating seniors who have demonstrated scholastic achievement as defined below by the cumulative UW-W GPA only (excluding transfer grades) may receive one of the following three categories of graduation honors:

Summa Cum Laude 3.85 and above
Magna Cum Laude 3.60 to 3.84
Cum Laude 3.40 to 3.59

For honors to be acknowledged in the commencement program, students must attain the minimum required UW-W cumulative grade point average before entering their final term and have earned 48 units (counting the final term of enrollment) at UW-Whitewater. Honors maintained and/or earned through the final grading period will be noted on the academic record and on the diploma. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the 48-unit minimum and the GPA requirements are satisfied.

Students may earn graduation honors in a second degree if one of the following two requirements is satisfied:

1. Completing a minimum of 48 units at UW-W with a UW-W cumulative grade point average that meets the requirements as defined for graduation honors above; or

2. Earning a second degree by completing less than 48 units at UW-W, but having earned the first degree at UW-W; students may qualify for graduation honors if both the grade point average of the second degree itself and the grade point average of the first and second UW-W degrees combined meet the graduation honors requirement.

COMPLETION OF PROFICIENCY REQUIREMENTS: Students should complete the University Proficiency requirements prior to the completion of 60 units toward graduation.

Students who transfer to UW-Whitewater with 60 or more units toward graduation should complete any remaining University Proficiency requirements within their first term of UWW enrollment.

PERMANENT ACADEMIC RECORD: Permanent academic records will be maintained in the Records department of the Registrar's Office. Students share in the responsibility for the accuracy of their record. They should carefully review each Advisement Report and their term grades. The Registrar's Office should be contacted immediately if there are any errors. No changes will be made to course entries that are not appealed within two years of the posting date, and changes will not be made to a record after a degree is officially entered.

TRANSCRIPT REQUESTS AND CHARGES: There is a $5.00 charge for each official transcript bearing the Registrar's signature and date. Only official transcripts are mailed. Payment must be received in full before official transcripts will be released. This fee is subject to change by the University without notice.

If there are no outstanding University obligations, students may request transcripts of their permanent record by presenting proper identification and signing a request form, or by submitting a written request through the mail. Telephone requests are not accepted. Next day service is provided whenever possible.

OFF-CAMPUS COURSES: Off-campus course credit granted by UW-Whitewater is fully accredited work. Off-campus and correspondence courses offered by the University of Wisconsin System will be accepted by UW-Whitewater provided that a grade of D or better was earned in these courses. Whitewater does not offer correspondence courses. No more than 30 units earned through correspondence or extension work in institutions other than those within the UW-System will be accepted toward graduation for an undergraduate degree.

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