GENED 110     WORLD OF THE ARTS    GA         3 u
This course exposes students to the areas of Dance, Music, Theatre, and Visual Art. Students will gain insight into the basic components of the arts, the role of art in society, and be given an historical perspective on art. Students will attend performing arts events and see work in the gallery context. Both western and non-western arts will be explored. May not be taken on an S/NC grade basis.
Unreq: ACINDP 105.

 This course examines the development of the United States, its peoples, cultures, values, and institutions, in a global context of comparative history focusing on the changing role of the U.S. in the world. Drawing from 18th and 19th century backgrounds, the course will primarily consider 20th century developments. May not be taken on a S/NC grade basis.
Unreq: HISTRY 105.

 GENED 130     INDIVIDUAL AND SOCIETY    GS         3 u
This course critically examines how people influence and are affected by their social worlds from the perspectives of anthropology, psychology, sociology and women's studies. The course focuses on how we experience life as individuals and as members of cultural systems that shape our personalities, behavior, and perceptions of the world. May not be taken on an S/NC grade basis.
Unreq: PSYCH 105, SOCIOLGY 105, WOMENST 105 and ANTHROPL 105.

 GENED 140     GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES    GS         3 u
This course introduces students to key terms, concepts, issues and relationships in economics, geography and political science. The course investigates how increasing globalization impacts issues such as the authority and competence of the nation-state, population growth and migration, economic development and trade and patterns of international cooperation and conflict. May not be taken on an S/NC grade basis.
Unreq: ECON 105, GEOGRPY 105, POLISCI 105.

This course gives students an opportunity to experience first hand important social, cultural and historical aspects of American and other cultures through travel and study in this country and abroad. Specific itineraries and fees will be published in the Schedule of Classes each term. Course is repeatable with change of itinerary up to 4 times and a maximum of 6 units toward degree; a maximum of 3 units may be counted in the General Education elective category. Repeatable to 4 times with a maximum of 6 units in degree.

 GENED 390     THE WORLD OF IDEAS        GH         3 u
This course examines themes and issues that have had a significant impact upon the world's civilizations. Readings will focus on primary texts representing major historical periods, world cultures, and diverse perspectives. This course will stress critical and analytical thought, drawing upon knowledge obtained in this and
earlier core courses. May not be taken on a satisfactory/no credit grade basis.
Prereq: ENGLISH 101 and ENGLISH 102, junior standing, and completion of all other required core courses. May not be take on an S/NC grade basis. Unreq: LSINDP 390.

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