The study of database concepts, including data design and the management of data as a corporate resource. Students are to develop typical business applications with graphical user interfaces in a windows environment, using a relational database and fourth generation languages.
Prereq: COMPSCI 171 and an overall g.p.a. .of 2.50.

 MCS 220     CONCEPTS OF PROGRAMMING         3 u
This course teaches students professional software development using object-oriented program design and the Java programming language. Coverage includes correct business programming style and documentation, program debugging and testing, database and file processing, event-handling, and graphical user interfaces.
Coreq: MCS 210. Prereq: COMPSCI 172 and an overall gpa of 2.50.

This course is an introduction to data structures using the Java programming language. It covers static and dynamic implementations of data structures including lists, stacks, queues and trees. It emphasizes object-oriented design and programming methodology, including inheritance and polymorphism, and applies these in the development of large programming projects.
Prereq: MCS 210 and MCS 220 and an overall g.p.a. of 2.50.

 The COBOL language is taught and then used to study file organizations at both the logical and physical level in order to provide a firm foundation for future study of database and information systems. Sequential, indexed, and relative files are discussed. Hashing and the implementation of complex file structures is discussed. Students act as maintenance programmers updating and modifying existing programs.
 Prereq: MCS 231 and an overall g.p.a. of 2.50.

 MCS 325     WEB DEVELOPMENT I         3 u
This course will give students familiarity with client/server computing in a two/three-tiered Internet environment. This includes the development of dynamic web pages to exchange data with relational database management systems using scripting technologies. Students will use an event-driven, object-oriented programming language to construct ActiveX components that connect with database servers. The course will also explore basic networking concepts.
Prereq: MCS 231 and an overall g.p.a. of 2.50.

 MCS 331     SYSTEMS ANALYSIS AND DESIGN 1         3 u
In this course, the student learns to analyze the business organization as a system, to structure both the information and processes of a business or organization, and to complete the systems development process through the logical design phase. The course utilizes an object-oriented methodology for the systems development process. The student begins a team project that is completed in MCS 431.
Coreq: MCS 325 and ECON 245 or MATH 231 or MATH 342. Prereq: MCS 231 and an overall g.p.a. of 2.50.

 MCS 391     MCS COOPERATIVE PROGRAM         3 u
The student is to work as an information systems professional in a business or government organization and report on the experience to the MCS faculty and fellow students.
Prereq: Consent of MCS Cooperative Program Coordinator and an overall g.p.a. of 2.50.

 MCS 425     WEB DEVELOPMENT 2         3 u
This course teaches students how to develop Web applications using Java technologies. The course focuses on design and implementation of distributed applications for the Internet and/or intranets. Topics include object-oriented distributed systems and technologies, database access, security, advanced Java programming, and technical design issues for e-Commerce systems.
Prereq: MCS 325 and an overall g.p.a. of 2.50.

 MCS 431     SYSTEMS ANALYSIS AND DESIGN 2         3 u
This course is a study of the principles and activities associated with the physical design and implementation of computer based information systems using object oriented methodologies. It includes object-oriented decomposition, system testing, documentation, system security, conversion and implementation. The student completes the team project started in MCS 331.
Prereq: MCS 331 and an overall g.p.a. of 2.50.

 MCS 475     NETWORK ENGINEERING         3 u
This class will explore the OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) networking model, standard networking protocols, and network architecture including implementation, administration and maintenance. Students will also gain "hands-on" networking experience by installing and setting up a network operating system, building a small LAN, and managing network servers.
Prereq: MCS 325 or consent of instructor and an overall g.p.a. of 2.50. Unreq: COMPSCI 475.

 MCS 496     SPECIAL STUDIES         3 u
Repeatable for a maximum of 9 units in major/degree. Prereq: Consent of instructor.

 MCS 498     INDEPENDENT STUDIES         1-3 u
Repeatable. Prereq: Approval of the MCS Coordinator and the faculty member supervising the course. Completion of at least four MCS core courses and an overall g.p.a. of 2.50.

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