University of Wisconsin-Whitewater 2002-2004 Undergraduate Catalog

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Students must be enrolled at least half-time or have been accepted for such enrollment for any on-campus employment. The most common types of positions available are Federal Work-Study positions and Regular Payroll positions.

Students on foreign student visas (F-1's) are eligible for on-campus Regular Student Payroll positions only, and they are restricted to 20 hours per week during periods of enrollment.

During the summer or other vacation periods when students do not have classes, they may work a maximum of 40 hours per week. In general, the basic pay is the prevailing minimum wage.

FEDERAL WORK-STUDY EMPLOYMENT: The Federal Work-Study program is a federally funded financial aid program available to citizens or permanent residents of the United States. To be eligible, the student must receive a Federal Work-Study allocation as a part of the financial aid package.

Federal Work-Study employment is typically on campus, and work schedules are set up around classes. Students are encouraged to participate in the many community-service related activities available. Typical on-campus jobs include clerical work; assisting in the library, laboratories, or computer labs; tutoring; and child care assistance.

Proceeds from Federal Work-Study employment are paid directly to the student and are not automatically subtracted from the student bill.

REGULAR STUDENT PAYROLL: Each year hundreds of on-campus part-time jobs are made available by UW-Whitewater. Jobs (similar to Federal Work-Study positions) in university offices, laboratories, or other facilities can be applied for by any student enrolled on at least a half-time basis. These positions are listed via the Cable TV Channel 19 "Student Jobline".

All students working on campus are paid via a bi-weekly paycheck.

FOOD SERVICE: The private company with the contract to provide food services to UW-Whitewater hires approximately 225 students each year to work in the dining halls and for its catering service.

OFF-CAMPUS: Each year the Financial Aid Office lists many part-time jobs in private homes, businesses, and industries in the Whitewater area. These openings are listed on the Cable TV Channel 19 "Student Jobline". Students on foreign student visas (F-1's) are not eligible for off-campus employment without special permission. 

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