University of Wisconsin-Whitewater 2002-2004 Undergraduate Catalog

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Janet Anderson; Art (2000)
William O. Baldwin; Geography (1992)
Laurie M. Barrett; Accounting (1997)
Peter R. Barry; History (1994)
John V. Battram; Head of Audiovisual Resources (1990)
Marilyn Baxter; Theatre and Dance (1998)
Brian K. Beck, Modern Languages and Literatures (1994)
William C. Beck; Mathematical and Computer Sciences (1995)
David Bednarek; Communication (2000)
Ronald R. Bergsten; Physics (1994)
William T. Berry; Coaching (1990)
Helen E. Bill; Learning Resources (1986)
C. A. Black; Accounting (1982)
Elizabeth A. Blankenship; Learning Resources (1989)
Winson C. Blankenship; Occupational Environmental Safety Health (1989)
Germaine M. Blaskey; Curriculum and Instruction (1989)
Richard I. Blue; Information Resources (1998)
Elizabeth Blumberg; Art (2000)
John Bodensteiner; Enrollment Services (1997)
Thomas E. Bolduc; Director of Counseling Center and Psychology (1990)
Glenn Bowen; Finance and Business Law (1979)
Charles W. Brady; Biology (1990)
Paul W. Breitsprecher; Learning Resources (1990)
Dale E. Brock; Administrative Services (1981)
William Brunckhorst; Biology (1991)
Gerald A. Buhrow; Director of Financial Aid (1993)
Robert N. Burrows; English (1993)
Adriana Busot; Foreign Language (1988)
Aldo J. Busot; Foreign Language (1989)
Gene Cardinal; Coaching (1988)
Jack Cassingham; Music (1996)
John S. Cease; Communication (1997)
William Chevrette; Communication (1992)
Alberta E. Christen; Mathematics (1976)
Charlotte A. Christner; Psychology (1992)
M. Corinne Clark; Associate Dean College of Education and Health, Physical Education Recreation and Coaching (1986)
Donna Rae Clasen; Educational Foundations (2000)
James W. Colmey; Assistant Chancellor for Administrative Services (1989)
James R. Connor; Chancellor Emeritus and History (1991)
E. LaVonne Coppenbarger; Music (1993)
Roger D. Coppenbarger; Music (1995)
Lynn Courtenay; Art (2000)
Lawrence Crone; Biological Sciences (1998)
Frances M. Culbertson; Psychology (1988)
John A. Cummings; Biology (1990)
Jacqueline Dailey, Health, Physical Education Recreation and Coaching (2000)
Larry W. Davis; Interim Provost/Vice Chancellor and Mathematical and Computer Sciences (1998)
Anne Daunis; English (1984)
Ronald D. Dettmers; Mathematical and Computer Sciences (1992)
Henry DeWind; History (1983)
Daniel D. DiPiazza; Political Science (1990)
Margaret M. Donovan; History (1991)
Bradley J. Dresang; Associate Director of University Center and Auxiliary Services (1999)
Clayton A. Droullard; Mathematical and Computer Sciences (1990)
Roland Durette; Languages and Literatures (1996)
Richard Ehrenberg; Facilities Planning and Management (2000)
Ronald V. Ellis; Languages and Literatures (1997)
Dorothy Remp Elmer, Elementary Education (1984)
Jimmie N. Eloff; Continuing Education (1997)
Martin Engert; Mathematical and Computer Sciences (1996)
Richard C. Enstad; Mathematical and Computer Sciences (1999)
Richard C. Farrell; Management (1992)
Mercedes Fernandez; Theatre/Dance (1996)
Frank Ferriano; Music (1991)
Howard G. Field; Curriculum & Instruction (1992)
Jack D. Filipiak; History (1999)
James Fischer; Accounting (2001)
Robert Fiskum; Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Coaching (1996)
Carroll Flanagan; Mathematics (1982)
Merle N. Follstad; Biological Sciences (1998)
Edwin L. Foot; Music (1990)
Cora M. Forbush; Associate Dean, Continuing Education, Educational Foundations and Counselor Education (1988)
Corinne E. Forster; Secondary Education (1984)
Rex D. Foster; Mathematical and Computer Sciences (1985)
Nancy E. Fowell; Curriculum and Instruction (1998)
Karl E. Fraedich, Accounting (1999)
Everett P. Fulton; Philosophy and Religious Studies (1989)
Eliezer Geisler; Management (1999)
Jacob H. Gerlach; Mathematical and Computer Sciences (1997)
Mary Anne Gerlach; Mathematical and Computer Sciences (1997)
John M. Gibbens; Economics (1993)
Dorothy M. Gollmar; Mathematical and Computer Sciences (1996)
Beverly L. Good; Educational Foundations and Counselor Education (1987)
David G. Goodman; Business Education and Office Administration (1986)
Carol D. Goodwin; Technology and Information Resources (1996)
Carolyn B. Gorby; Director of Career Services (1998)
Iza Goroff; Management (1998)
George H. Gray; Executive Director of Budget, Planning & Analysis and Business Education and Office Administration (1993)
Rosemary A. Green; Special Education (1997)
Alyce M. Greene; Health, Physical Education and Recreation (1976)
Jay M. Greene; Accounting (1976)
H. Gaylon Greenhill; Chancellor and Political Science (1999)
William Greer; Sociology (1981)
Raymond L. Griffith; Languages and Literatures (1996)
Edna P. Grinstead; Business Education and Office Administration (1981)
Thomas S. Grotelueschen; Curriculum and Instruction (1995)
George B. Hafer; Communication (1995)
Hans R. Hahn; Special Education (1997)
Kenneth Hammer; Economics (1983)
Maxine M. Hansen; Elementary Education (1983)
Lawrence Harrison; Art (2000)
Robert D. Heidorn, Political Science (2001)
Joan P. Heimlich; Curriculum and Instruction (1997)
Roger W. Helming; Associate Director of Career Planning and Placement Services and Curriculum and Instruction (1990)
Russell D. Helwig; Physics (1998)
Craig A. Herbert; Counselor Education (1998)
Mellanie Herbert; Business Education/Computer & Network Administration (2000)
Marvin Hersko; Psychology (1989)
Pernell H. Hewing; Business Education and Office Administration (1992)
Fannie E. Hicklin; Associate Dean of Faculties and Theatre/Dance (1988)
Irene E. Hill; Curriculum and Instruction (1993)
Noel N. Hjelmhaug; Physics (1995)
Sherry Hofer; Technology and Information Resources (2001)
Frederick C. Hoffmeister; Occupational Environmental Safety Health (1997)
Mary J. Hoffmeister; Business Education/Computer & Network Administration (1994)
I-Ning Huang; Psychology (2000)
John R. Hunter; Music (1989)
Lyle Hunter; Mathematical and Computer Sciences/Technology and Information Resources (2000)
Howard G. Inglefield; Music (1996)
Robert L. Jennings; Music (1992)
Richard C. Jentoft; Communicative Disorders (1997)
Jerome W. Johnson; Learning Resources (1994)
William F. Johnston; Mathematical and Computer Sciences (1991)
William R. Johnston; Curriculum and Instruction (1989)
Ora I. Jones; Student Affairs (1978)
Maurice C. Kalb; Biological Sciences (1996)
Dennis W. Kehoe; Foreign Languages (1993)
Richard D. Kelley; Psychology (1994)
Bernice M. Kelly; English (1992)
Michael J. Kennedy; History (1997)
Charles R. King; Curriculum and Instruction (1989)
Gary B. Klatt; Mathematical and Computer Sciences (1999)
Arno Kleimenhagen; Marketing (2001)
Thomas C. Klug; Controller and Director of Financial Services (1996)
Reuben Klumb; Educational Foundations (1980)
Judith Knapp; Mathematical and Computer Sciences
Robert Knapp; Mathematical and Computer Sciences
Betty Kobs; Communication (2000)
Alfred S. Kolmos; Educational Foundations and Counselor Education (1986)
Ruth A. Koskela; Assistant Dean of College of Education and Curriculum and Instruction (1998)
Molly P. Krival; Communications (1988)
Harry B. Krouse; English (1989)
Eugene P. Kruchoski; Health, Physical Education and Recreation (1985)
Lillian I. Lahti; Curriculum and Instruction (1990)
Michael Laird (2001)
Lars E. Larson; Management (1995)
Paul W. Lauritzen; Special Education (1994)
James Leaver; Languages and Literature (2000)
Donald G. Leeseberg; Marketing (1983)
Ralph E. Lehman; Physics (1987)
George Lehner; Registrar (1980)
Nancy G. Lewis; Languages and Literatures (1996)
Robert G. Lewis; Modern Languages and Literatures (1995)
William S. Linsenmeyer; History (1996)
Everett L. Long; History (1996)
Gordon D. Long; Languages and Literatures (1997)
Roger Ludeman; Assistant Chancellor for Student Affairs (2001)
Herbert J. Lundin; Interim Associate Dean of Faculties and Coordinator of Curriculum Matters and Geography (1990)
Wayne Lusk; University Bookstore (2001)
Squire G. Luttrell; Learning Resources (1987)
Judson Lyon; Curriculum and Instruction (2000)
Lois A. Lyons; Library and Learning Resources (1992)
Irv A. Madsen; Director of Admissions (1996)
Arthur L. Madson; English (1988)
Don L. Manley; Physics (1990)
Merlin J. Manley; Educational Foundations (1993)
Rodney A. Marquardt; Associate Dean of University Center (1989)
Norman D. Martin; Learning Resources (1995)
Leslie E. Martin, Jr.; Marketing (1987)
James Mathews; Learning Resources (1983)
Charles R. McCoy; Chemistry (1988)
Donald W. McCready; Psychology (1992)
Theola A. McDonald; English (1993)
Elizabeth J. McGlynn; Director of Personnel (1996)
Thomas S. McLeRoy; Dean of Continuing Education, Extension and Summer Session and Business Education and Office Administration (1994)
Norman R. Meeker; Associate Director of Admissions (1990)
Douglas L. Meikle; History (1987)
Mary T. Meikle; Health, Physical Education and Recreation (1989)
Edward P. Michalewicz; Occupational Environmental Safety Health (1994)
Rae S. Miller; Communication (2000)
Mary B. Mills; Director, Information Services and Communication (1978)
Albert Mims; Occupational Environmental Safety Health (1997)
Han K. Min; Accounting (1995)
Ruth Miner-Kessel; Political Science (1985)
Patrick E. Monahan; Educational Foundations and Counselor Education (1990)
Russell Moratz; Learning Resources (1979)
Charles E. Morphew; Geography (1983)
Margaret H. Mueller; Elementary Education (1975)
Georgianna Myers; Library and Learning Resources (1985)
Rudolph M. Najar; Associate Dean of College of Letters and Sciences and Mathematical and Computer Sciences (1990)
Reginald G. Nash; Biological Sciences (1995)
Agate Nesaule; Languages and Literatures and Women's Studies (1996)
John E. Nichols; Communication (1993)
Ruth Ross Nicholson; Student Affairs (1983)
Charles A. North; Biological Sciences (1994)
Andrea Nye; Philosophy and Religious Studies (2000)
Clifford W. O'Beirne; Psychology (1996)
C. Daniel O'Sullivan; Associate Professor and Coordinator of Recreational Sports and Facilities (1998)
John C.H. Oh; Political Science (1997)
Terry Ostermeier; Communication (2000)
Kenneth A. Otting; Curriculum and Instruction (1993)
J. Fred Overman; Special Education and Elementary Education (1983)
John Overton; Accounting (1983)
Edna M. Park; Developmental Math (1996)
Joe C. Park; Educational Foundations (1998)
Gordon E. Parks; History (1991)
Anthony L. Pavlick; Economics (1988)
Robert Y. Perinchief; Music (1990)
Forrest W. Perkins; Coaching (1986)
Margot M. Peters; English (1991)
Gladys Petersen; Elementary Education (1982)
Heinz Pfaeffle; Special Education (1983)
Lynton M. Piatt; Psychology (1991)
George Pulsford; Accounting (1974)
Mary E. Quinlivan; History (1996)
E. John Rabe; Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Coaching (1997)
James P. Raffini; Educational Foundations (1996)
Elmer G. Redford; Physics (1993)
Everett L. Refior; Economics (1983)
Vernon L. Rexroat; Special Education (1994)
Mary Ann Riccio; Health, Physical Education and Recreation (1990)
Dennis M. Richter; Geography (1997)
Roy P. Roberson; Finance and Business Law (1991)
Audrey J. Roberts; English (1992)
Dennis K. Rohrs; Music (1990)
Kirk J. Romary; Chemistry (1994)
Don S. Ross; Philosophy and Religious Studies (1994)
Marvin Ross; Health, Physical Education and Recreation (1989)
Mary Lou Rossini; Curriculum and Instruction (1999)
Helga Rothweiler; Languages and Literatures (1998)
Robert L. Rothweiler; Political Science (1997)
Margaret A. Roxby; Curriculum and Instruction (1990)
W. Daniel Sable; Biological Sciences (1997)
Kenneth Salzwedel; Psychology (2000)
Robert L. Sauer; Management (1998)
David Saunders; English (1983)
Dale Scharinger; Management (1998)
Richard Schauer; Mathematical and Computer Sciences (2001)
Ruth A. Schauer; Languages and Literatures and Women's Studies (1996)
Robert F. Schissel; Educational Foundations & Counselor Education (1988)
Rolland P. Schlieve; Educational Foundations and Counselor Education (1986)
Dorothy M. Schlimm-Sand; Curriculum and Instruction (1992)
James S. Schlough; Biological Sciences (1995)
Susan R. Schlough; Developmental Studies (1996)
Alice J. Schoof; Psychology (1992)
Jack F. Schoof; Art (1991)
Bruce E. Schroeder; Associate Registrar (1995)
Kathleen Schumacher; Financial Aid (2000)
Vernon A. Schumacher; Curriculum and Instruction (1990)
George H. Seeburger; Biology (1992)
Aeilt E. Sents; History (1986)
Hsi-ping Shao; Assistant Vice Chancellor/ Professor of Learning Resources/Technology and Information Resources
Lon D. Sherman, Director of Admissions (1998)
Carl W. Shinners; Physics (1992)
William F. Siebers; Music (1988)
Donald H. Silva; Economics (1996)
S. Galen Smith; Biology (1991)
Brunhilde W. Sommer; Educational Foundations and Counselor Education (1986)
Ralph H. Song; Psychology (1992)
Edna C. Sorber; Communication (1981)
Dale F. Stehno; Counselor Education (1998)
Frank Stekel; Physics (2001)
Shirley Stekel; Physics (2000)
James Stewart; Registrar's Office (2001)
Neil H. Stone; Physics (1999)
Luther R. Stonecipher; Physics (1986)
Lewis W. Stoneking; Curriculum and Instruction (1992)
David M. Stoneman; Associate Dean of College of Letters and Sciences and Mathematical and Computer Sciences (1998)
Norman L. Stoner; Executive Director of WisNet and Physics (1999)
Atlee Svanoe; Management (2000)
Max F. Taylor; Art (1995)
Edwin E. Thele; College of Business Assistant Dean and Accounting (1991)
George Tesar; Marketing (2001)
Ann Tetley; Communication (2001)
John Thatcher; Finance and Business Law (2001)
Warren S. Theune; College of Education Assistant Dean and Secondary Education (1986)
Vlad I. Thomas; English (1990)
Dorothy M. Tiede; Assistant to the Chancellor and Special Education (1990)
James E. Toennies; Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Coaching (1993)
Patricia A. Townsend; Associate Dean of College of Arts and Communication and Professor of Communication (1998)
Jack W. Travis; Geology (1999)
James R. Trier; Mathematical and Computer Sciences (1994)
Dennis Trudell; Languages and Literatures (2001)
John Truesdale; Director of Disabled Student Services (2001)
Louis J. Uehling; Languages and Literatures (1997)
M. Hope Underwood; Educational Foundations and Counselor Education (1990)
Robert M. Underwood; Geography (1986)
Kathryn E. Utz; English (1978)
James Van de Bogart; Finance and Business Law (1996)
Martha Van Steenderen; Health, Physical Education and Recreation (1990)
Charles B. Varney; Geography (1985)
Bernard Verrill; Psychology (1990)
Edward Vitale; Marketing (2000)
Donald J. Voeller; Geography (1996)
Kathryn E. Vonderau; HPER (1988)
Dennis Wadsworth; Music (1997)
Thomas W. Walterman; Associate Vice Chancellor (1995)
Ronald R. Wangerin; Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Coaching (1995)
D. June Ward; Biology (1990)
Robert K. Webb; Music (1989)
Carolyn E. Wedin; Languages and Literatures (1996)
Robert Weigandt; Continuing Education and Health, Physical Education and Recreation (1980)
Mary (Bross) Weinlein; Special Education (1993)
James Wenkle; Art (1998)
Richard Westphal; Management (1990)
Everett White; Associate Dean, College of Education (1982)
John Wickenberg; Art (2001)
Thomas R. Wilcox; Mathematical and Computer Sciences (1993)
Raleigh J. Williams; Mathematical and Computer Sciences (1991)
Gene Wilson; Theatre (1982)
Virgil Wise; Elementary Education (1979)
Jerome W. Witherill; Occupational Environmental Safety Health (1998)
Roland Woodbeck; Auxiliary Services (2000)
James S. Young; Biology (1989)
Lowell V. Youngs; Music (1997)
Karl G. Zahn; Curriculum and Instruction (1990)
Abdullah Zarinnia; Economics (1999)
Wallace E. Zastrow; University Relations (1985)
Norbert J. Zelten; Accounting (1989)
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