University of Wisconsin-Whitewater 2002-2004 Undergraduate Catalog

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Founded in 1868, the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater is known for academic excellence in a setting of high-quality, career-oriented undergraduate and graduate programs. The campus enrolls more than 10,500 students in its 45 undergraduate and 17 master's and specialist degree programs. As the fourth largest campus in the UW System, UW-Whitewater has an annual operating budget of more than $120 million and serves as a regional center for cultural and athletic activities.

The university has earned a national reputation for innovative programs and facilities, with a number of programs ranked among the best in the nation. In a recent survey of 1,400 UW-Whitewater students, more than half said their top reason for choosing UW-Whitewater was its academic reputation. Other top reasons included graduates' job placement, size, low tuition and its reputation for social activities.

The 1,200 members of the faculty, staff and administration are committed to providing practical experiences that enhance learning both inside and outside the traditional classroom. UW-Whitewater faculty and staff strive to extend personal attention to all students, providing a concerned academic environment that is responsive to individual needs.

UW-Whitewater students enjoy a wide range of opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. The university has an academically ambitious honors program and a wide array of undergraduate research programs. International study-abroad opportunities are available in more than a dozen countries, including Australia, Japan, Mexico, Jamaica, Sweden and England. There are more than 120 student organizations to get involved with on campus.

The university serves as a regional destination point for patrons of the arts, with venues such as Irvin L. Young Auditorium, Light Recital Hall, Hicklin Studio Theater and Crossman Gallery attracting a combined 100,000 visitors annually. The athletic department has 19 men's and women's competitive sports that welcome involvement in Warhawk athletics year-round.

The 385-acre campus includes 46 buildings, a nature preserve and arboretum, and 43 acres set aside for baseball, football, soccer, softball, track and tennis. Noteworthy buildings include the multi-purpose University Center, the Williams Recreation Center, the 12,500-seat Perkins Stadium and the new David L. Kachel Fieldhouse, which provides 100,000 square feet of indoor athletics and recreational space.

UW-Whitewater provides educational services for the entire region, through conferences on subjects as diverse as regional planning, international education and the status of women. The university serves students of all ages, from grade school academic camps to special lecture programs for seniors. It is also becoming more accessible, with new efforts such as the Degree Completion Program that allows students to complete a four-year degree in Janesville. An extensive program of evening on-campus and off-campus courses is offered for those who are employed during the day. Counseling for small businesses is provided free of charge by the Small Business Development Center.

Located in Whitewater, a friendly, picturesque city of 12,000 people, UW-Whitewater is near rural recreation areas, yet within convenient driving distance of the metropolitan centers of Milwaukee, Madison, and Chicago. The campus is only a short drive from the scenic Southern Kettle Moraine State Forest in southeastern Wisconsin.

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