University of Wisconsin-Whitewater 2002-2004 Undergraduate Catalog

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* Innovative programs such as The Milwaukee Experience, Project Assist, and the first Beginning Teacher Assistance Program in the United States have earned national recognition for the College of Education.

* Over the last decade, UW-Whitewater ranks No. 1 in the nation in the percentage of students achieving first-time passage of the Uniform CPA examination.

* UW-Whitewater features a diverse student body that includes the third largest minority enrollment in the University of Wisconsin System.

* With its special mission to serve students with disabilities, the university has invested more than $2 million in improvements to guarantee barrier-free access to all campus buildings. The UW-Whitewater Office of Disabled Student Services was chosen in 1999 as one of seven Exemplary Programs by the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators.

* For the fourth time, the UW-Whitewater Management Computer Systems Program was ranked as the number one four-year computing degree program in the United States and Canada by the Data Processing Management Association. UW-Whitewater is the only institution to receive the top ranking more than once.

* Due to the development and implementation of an innovative General Education curriculum, universities throughout the country regard UW-Whitewater as having a model program and actively seek out its counsel in revising their own programs.

* The UW-Whitewater Business Education Program earned the 1994 and 1997 national four-year university award from the Business Education Division of the American Vocational Association.

* The UW-Whitewater Office of Continuing Education and Graduate Studies reaches out to its constituency and annually attracts over 30,000 people to a variety of camps, programs, and conferences.

* The Wisconsin Innovation Service Center is a highly respected operation which provides comprehensive evaluations of thousands of new product ideas and is the only non-profit service of its kind in Wisconsin.

* The UW-Whitewater chapter of the Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs has earned more awards from the national organization than any other college or university in the United States.

* In April 2002, UW-Whitewater played host to the National Conference on Undergraduate Research, the largest program in the country that promotes undergraduate involvement in research.

* In 2001, the UW-Whitewater Online MBA program was ranked among the top 25 online business degree programs in the country, according to U.S. News and World Report.

* The 1998 edition of PC Week named UW-Whitewater's math and computer science department as one of the best in the nation, on the same level as programs at Carnegie Mellon, Columbia, Cornell, Harvard, Northwestern and Stanford. 

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