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Faculty: Professors Janet Anderson, Amy Arntson (Chairperson), Elizabeth Blumberg, Karl Borgeson, Lynn Courtenay, Denis Dale, Joanna Edwards, Lawrence Harrison, Robert Mertens, Susan Messer, Charles Olson, David Runyon, Linda Threadgill, Susan Walsh (Gallery Director), James Wenkle, John Wickenberg.

Housed in one of the best facilities in the state, the Art Department offers a wide range of courses in four primary areas: Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Art Education and Art History.

Emphasis is placed on developing your individual skills and interests under the guidance of dedicated artist-teachers of regional, national and international reputation.

Careers in art are as diverse as the programs offered: in Graphic Design as illustrators, designers, art directors and in computer related fields; in teaching art and art history at various levels; in museum and gallery work; and in studio production fine arts areas of drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, jewelry, and photography.


  1. Each graduating senior is required to participate in a senior art exhibition. Application for this senior exhibition must be made by the end of the junior year.
  2. The Art Department has the right to keep one work of art from each major for the Art Department Permanent Collection. Selection of this work will be made by the student and her/his senior exhibition review committee.
  3. Art majors are advised to meet the General Studies requirements in the Arts by electing a course in an area other than Art. 110-121,110-180 and 115-111 cannot be used for any major program in Art. (See General Studies)
  4. Art majors must meet all College of Arts and Communication requirements for graduation.
  5. Art education programs lead to licensure for teaching grades K-12. For Bachelor of Science in Education program, see requirements for admission to College of Education. All Art students seeking licensure are advised to consult the Supervisor of Directed Teaching immediately for guidance in building their program.
  6. Art majors are responsible for consulting current advising sheets available in the Department Office for explanations and revisions in Department and College regulations.
  7. Students are limited to 3 Studio classes per semester unless prior approval is given by the student's adviser and the department chair.
  8. Students may be required to purchase supplies for art works they create in studio art courses.

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