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Faculty: Raymond Baus, John Cease, Peter Conover, Jeanine Fassl, Richard Haven (Chairperson), M. William Johnson, Betty Kobs, William Lowell, John Luecke, James Lundy, Rae Miller, Barbara Monfils, Darrell Newton, Terry Ostermeier, Steven Shields, John Stone, Ann Tetley, Patricia Townsend, Wilfred Tremblay, William Weiss, Robert Willis, Rosann Young.


The journalism program is geared to today's journalism, preparing young people to work in the many modern communication media as reporters, editors, news photographers, advertising representatives, radio and television news personnel, or in public relations. As a journalist you can be where events are happening, communicating information on important issues and current events. How well you do your job will depend on a number of factors; a strong educational background is perhaps the most important.

The journalism program offers majors and minors in the College of Arts and Communication for students wishing to enter some phase of professional journalism, and in the College of Education for those wishing to teach high school journalism. Both programs are grounded strongly in liberal arts courses.

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