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Faculty: Marshall Anderson, Marilynn Baxter, Steven Chene, Thomas Colwin (Chairperson), Mercedes Fernandez, Lorraine Gross, Charles Grover, Robin Pettersen, Sylvia Zweifel.

The creation of successful theatrical productions requires the knowledge, skills and talents of a number of artists, technicians and management/promotion specialists. With its outstanding, well-equipped theatre facilities, its highly-skilled and enthusiastic faculty, its comprehensive curriculum and its emphasis on practical experience, the UW-Whitewater Theatre and Dance department will provide you a number of opportunities to acquire the knowledge and experience necessary for a successful career in theatre, or related areas of the arts, communications, education or business.

The department offers three degree programs: the Bachelor of Science in Theatre Education, the Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Art and the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre.

The Bachelor of Science in Theatre Education program provides future teachers with a broad-based theatre education while providing additional training in the areas of theatre most critical to success in their future profession. In addition, Theatre Education majors follow the Education track which will fulfill teaching licensure requirements.

The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre is a liberal arts degree which offers the opportunity for broad-based exposure to all areas of theatre. The curriculum includes studies in acting, directing, technology, design, history/criticism, and management/promotion.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre is a professional degree program. It offers a broad-based core of theatre studies along with an individually designed course of study which focuses on a specific area of emphasis. Students in this program choose an emphasis course of study for intensive training in Performance, Design/Technology or Management/Promotion. The B.F.A. program does not require a minor, but admission and retention are based on acceptable auditions or portfolios and minimum GPA requirements.

Each program is geared toward your particular creative potentials and career aspirations.

Minor programs are also offered in theatre and dance. These programs are particularly appealing to students who are seeking an outlet for their creativity or who want to enhance their communication and practical problem solving abilities. Theatre or dance minors can provide an effective complement for a number of different major programs in liberal arts, education or business.

All students of the University, regardless of their major or minor, are encouraged to participate in theatre and dance productions as a performer or as a member of the numerous technical crews or one of the management/promotion positions which are involved in the preparation of a theatre event for an audience. Anyone interested is encouraged to come to the Theatre/Dance office in 2076 Center of the Arts.

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