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Faculty: Ashok Bhargava, John Dominguez, Joseph Domitrz, Stuart Glosser, Kirk Kim (Chairperson), Jerome Laurent, L. Denton Marks, Susan Parks, Stuart Rich, Thomas Schweigert, Donald Silva, Sandra Snow, Gerald Weston, Abdullah Zarinnia.

Economics is a social science about choice - how to make rational decisions in light of both existing technology and society's values. It offers incisive analytic skills of great power and usefulness in many important areas. Thus, persons holding degrees in economics hold an impressively wide variety of jobs. Economists are increasingly sought in urban planning, health care administration, human resource development, transportation planning, and environmental agencies, to name a few. Students in economics have been able to begin or advance their careers in business, government, journalism, law, teaching, research and administration, banking and other financial institutions.

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