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Faculty: Peggy Anderson, Reginald Beal, Gary Benson, Tom Bramorski, Christine Clements (Chairperson), William Drago, Eliezer Geisler, Yezdi Godiwalla, Iza Goroff, Jerry Gosenpud, P. Daniel Hancock, Robert Leitheiser, Manohar Madan, David Munro, Marcia Pulich, George Sargent, Robert Sauer, Dale Scharinger, James Sisak, Atlee Svanoe, Richard Wagner, John Washbush, Alla Wilson.

Management is the art and science of effectively utilizing human and physical resources to attain the objectives of the organization. The programs of study include: general, human resources (a separate major), production/operations (a separate major), and safety management. General Management allows students flexibility in selecting courses to prepare for a position in a wide variety of areas. Human Resources Management (HR M Major) educates students for careers in salary administration, manpower planning and development, employee services, labor relations and organizational development. Production/Operations Management (P/OM Major) prepares the students for careers in production and inventory control, scheduling, quantitative methods, quality control, purchasing, and supervision; emphasis is placed on the production of both goods and services in the private and public sectors. Safety Management prepares the student for positions in industrial safety leading to management positions in safety, personnel, and production.

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