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Faculty: William Chandler, Virginia Epps, Nancy Fowell, Melissa Freiberg, Tom Ganzer, Shirley Gartmann, Dave Griffey, Joan Heimlich, Lawrence Kenney, Ruth Koskela, James Kusch, Judson Lyon, Phillip Makurat, Andrea Maxworthy, Barbara Mischio, Michael Nelson, Chyuan Pan, Harriet Rogers, Mary Lou Rossini, Patricia Shaw, Richard Telfer (Chairperson), Nancy Todd, Susan Toms-Bronowski, Mary Ann Wham, Paul Yvarra, John Zbikowski.

The Curriculum and Instruction Department provides three basic undergraduate teacher licensure programs and a minor in Bilingual Education.

The Early Childhood Program is designed for those students who wish to teach Children from ages 3 to 12. The undergraduate early childhood education program at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater meets the Wisconsin "Standards for an approved Program in Early Childhood Education". The program is for those who plan to teach or work with young children and includes the study of nursery schools, kindergartens and elementary schools. The program is continually being developed and modified to meet contemporary trends and needs in early childhood education.

The Elementary/Middle Education Program leads to licensure in teaching the elementary grades and the middle level grades. The Program includes an elementary education major, a liberal arts sequence, an approved minor and a wide range of professional education courses. Special emphasis is placed on actual field work in schools and developing the skills to work with children who may vary widely in background and educational need. A special methods course in the minor may be required for students seeking licensure in their minor.

Middle/Secondary Education provides students both guidance and coursework in preparing to teach in middle or junior high schools and senior high schools. Academic major(s), minor(s), or broadfield areas are complemented by coursework and field work which prepares and qualifies students for middle/secondary teaching licensure. In order for Middle/Secondary Education majors to be certified in their minor area, they must have a methods course in the minor unless the major and minor are in a compatible area. (A listing of compatible majors and minors is available in the Curriculum and Instruction Office.)

The Bachelor of Science with an Elementary/Middle or Middle/Secondary Education major with a minor in bilingual-bicultural education is designed to provide instructional strategies and cultural understanding for undergraduate/graduate students. The credential program has been designed to acquaint candidates with the rationale, methods, techniques, and procedures of Bilingual-Bicultural instruction.

In addition to the programs offered through the department, the department supports broad area majors in several fields. Broad area major requirements are as follows: (Education Licensure Programs are also available.)

Art Education:
The major in art education is outlined under Art.
Business Education:
The broadfield major in business education is outlined under Business Education.
Driver Education:
The major in driver education is outlined under Safety Studies.
Music Education:
The major in music education is outlined under Music.
Physical Education:
The broadfield major in physical education is outlined under Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Coaching.

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