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Faculty: Steven Albrechtsen, Marc Anderson, Karen Barak, Robert Berezowitz, Brian Borland, Bruce Bukowski, L. Brenda Clayton, Jacqueline Dailey, Robert Fiskum, Linda Flick-Andrew, John Hajewski, Mary Anne Hedrich, Dianne Jones, Joy Kiger, Constance Kirk, Nancy Krattiger-Ziltener, Kelly Krumsick, Jo Lindoo, James Miller (Chairperson), Willie Myers, E. John Rabe, Kristin Russell, Jane Sandusky, Denay Trykowski, David Vander Meulen, Julia Yeater, Stan Zweifel.

GENERAL PHYSICAL EDUCATION provides a wide range of opportunities for an in-depth study of health-related physical fitness and/or participation in team, individual and high risk adventure sports as leisure-time activities at the beginning or intermediate levels of skill. Courses offered are available to all students and promote a knowledge of sports and activities which stress the importance of the benefits derived from regular participation in physical activity and are indicative of an active life-style.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJOR/MINOR provides for the study of the art and science of human movement. To prepare for a career in physical education, skills and knowledges in sport, gymnastics, swimming, dance and basic motor concepts as they relate to human performance must be acquired. Programs in physical education are based upon the biological and mathematical sciences which enhance the intellectual, social and psychological needs of an individual. They contain a basic core of knowledge and movement skills unique to the discipline of physical education. The physical education major programs include course work leading to public school licensure (Option I) or a non-licensure (Option II) which prepares one to work in the private sector.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION FOR SPECIAL STUDENT LICENSURE provides the physical education major with the opportunity to work with exceptional individuals who have a variety of special needs.

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