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Academic fees are set by the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System and are subject to change by the Board without notice. Fees shown here are those in effect at the time this bulletin was prepared and are subject to change without notice. UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-WHITEWATER


         RESIDENT                  NON-RESIDENT

12.0 & over 1,237.10 12.0 & over 3,804.60 11.0 1,133.44 11.0 3,487.44 10.0 1,030.40 10.0 3,170.40 9.0 927.36 9.0 2,853.36 8.0 824.32 8.0 2,536.32 7.0 721.28 7.0 2,219.28 6.0 618.24 6.0 1,902.24 5.0 515.20 5.0 1,585.20 4.0 412.16 4.0 1,268.16 3.0 309.12 3.0 951.12 2.0 206.08 2.0 634.08 1.0 103.04 1.0 317.04 .5 51.52 .5 158.52


 9.0 & over    1,542.12   9.0 & over    4,656.12  
 8.0 1,370.72   8.0 4,138.72
 7.0 1,199.38   7.0 3,621.38
 6.0 1,028.04   6.0 3,104.04
 5.0 856.70     5.0 2,586.70
 4.0 685.36     4.0 2,069.36
 3.0 514.02     3.0 1,552.02
 2.0 342.68     2.0 1,034.68
 1.0 171.34     1.0 517.34
  .5 85.67       .5 258.67


 9.0 & over    1,715.62  9.0 & over     4,829.62
 8.0 1,524.80   8.0 4,292.80
 7.0 1,334.20   7.0 3,756.20
 6.0 1,143.60   6.0 3,219.60
 5.0 953.00     5.0 2,683.00
 4.0 762.40     4.0 2,146.40
 3.0 571.80     3.0 1,609.80
 2.0 381.20     2.0 1,073.20
 1.0 190.60     1.0 536.60
  .5 95.30       .5 268.30

Academic Fees. All students who attend the university pay academic fees assessed by the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System. A non-resident fee is added to the academic fee for non-resident students.

Registration Deposit. All students are required to pay a $100.00 registration deposit before they can be scheduled. This deposit will be applied to the academic fee for the semester.

Special Course Fees represent charges in addition to the regular instructional fee and tuition to students enrolling in certain courses that have been approved for such a fee for materials that represent special or extraordinary cost; for example, art courses dealing with precious metals. All such special course fees are specified for each such course each semester in the Registration Handbook and Timetable.

Fee Payments. UW-Whitewater offers two methods to pay fees:

  1. Payment in full. Students may pay all fees (academic, room, food) in full by the billing due date for advance registrants. If they register after the advance registration process, students should pay in full at the same time they register.

  2. University Installment Credit Plan. (Not available for summer session). If electing to use the installment plan, students must fulfill the following requirements:

    1. They must have a signed Installment Credit Agreement and Marital Property Form on file with the University.

    2. The $100 registration deposit will become the required downpayment for all registrants wishing to participate in the university installment plan. If registering after the advance registration process, students must sign the Installment Credit Agreement and Marital Property Form, and submit a $100 down payment before registration. If total charges are less than $100, students do not qualify for the installment plan and must pay fees in full. The University Timetable contains all billing dates and payment dates for the current semester.

    3. The balance of the financial obligation plus a FINANCE CHARGE AT AN ANNUAL RATE OF 18% (1 1/2% monthly periodic rate) on balances of $500 or less and a FINANCE CHARGE AT AN ANNUAL RATE OF 12% (1% monthly periodic rate) on the portion of the balance exceeding $500 is payable upon receipt (not to exceed 30 days from the billing date). Billing statements are mailed to the student's local address as filed with the Office of the Registrar; however, failure to receive a statement in no way relieves a student from the obligation to make timely payments.

    4. Failure to have a signed Installment Credit Agreement and Marital Property Form on file will result in a $20 administrative fee if fees are not paid in full during the registration fee payment process. An additional $10 administrative fee (total $30) will be assessed if fees are not paid in full by the end of the second week of school.


The refund schedule for withdrawals applies to class drops as well as complete withdrawal.

Students who enter the military service by enlistment, draft, or otherwise, receive either a full refund or receive course credits for the term depending upon the length of their enrollment in the course. In determining the withdrawal date, the University uses the date students notify the Registrar's Office of the withdrawal; or, if they fail to notify the Registrar and they are otherwise unable to verify the date of the withdrawal, the date of the request for refund is used to determine the amount of the refund.

The following schedule on refunds of academic fees applies to all students withdrawing from the University.

Refund Schedule For Withdrawals or Drops

Week of Session
Session Length      Wk.1  Wk.2   Wk.3   Wk. 4 Thereafter
12 wks. & over          100%   100%     50%      50%    None
 8 wks. through 11 wks. 100%    50%     25%     None    None
 5 wks. through 7 wks.  100%    50%    None     None
 3 wks. through 4 wks.  100%    25%    None     None
 2 weeks                100%   None

For sessions of shorter duration, schedule changes accordingly.


The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater requires all students to comply with the following billing policies:

1. The Student Accounts Office will generate billing statements on semester accounts during the following time periods:

ADVANCE REGISTRATION BILLING - If students register during the advance registration process, they will be mailed an advance registration billing statement which will allow them to pay their fees in full and/or elect to go on the University Installment Plan. FIRST INSTALLMENT BILLING - Students are required to pay at least 1/2 of their total balance by the due date of this bill.

LAST INSTALLMENT BILLING - Students are required to pay the entire remaining balance by the due date of this bill.

Failure to receive a bill will not relieve students from paying by the required due dates.

RETURNED CHECK CHARGE. A $15.00 service charge will be assessed on all checks returned by a bank. Any checks returned after the original payment due date will be cause for registrations to be cancelled or an administrative fee assessed. A returned check is considered nonpayment.

Financial aid recipients, including students receiving Federal Family Education Loans (formerly Guaranteed Student Loans) including Stafford, SLS and PLUS loans, must be prepared to pay the $100.00 down payment out of personal funds, and sign an Installment Credit Agreement and a Marital Property Form if one is not on file. Financial aid cannot be disbursed until the first day of classes or later and postcard notices will be sent to students when checks are ready for delivery. Students who have received notification and who have registered may pick up their checks at the University Cashier. Picture identification is required. Financial aid checks must be used to pay any remaining balance on students' accounts before refunds will be issued.

Specific information on the amount or type of financial aid checks is privileged and will not be given over the telephone.

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