Faculty: George Adams, Dewitt Clinton, Jerre Collins, Norma Davidson-Zielski, Betty Diamond, Marilyn Durham, Ronald Ellis, Mary Emery, Edward Erdmann, John Fallon, Raymond Griffith, Jian Guo, Joseph Hogan, Rebecca Hogan, William Keelty, James Leaver, Mark Lencho, Nancy Lewis, Gordon Long, Michael Longrie, Beth Lueck, Geneva Moore, Andrea Musher, Agate Nesaule, Angela Peckenpaugh, Mary Pinkerton (Chairperson), Dale Ritterbusch, George Savage, Ruth Schauer, Lawrence Schuetz, Joan Joan Schwarz, Lynn Shoemaker, Julie Smith, Dennis Trudell, Carolyn Wedin.

The term English encompasses several related areas including the study of the English language, the practical skills of using it, and the literature created from it. The department offers courses in basic and advanced language skills, including technical and creative writing; for students with special needs, reading and writing laboratories and developmental courses are available. Literature courses offer instruction in the understanding and analysis of traditional and contemporary works, including Continental and Asian, and their cultural backgrounds. A student majoring or minoring in English may opt for the traditional liberal arts program, an education program, or a writing emphasis. By developing the practical ability to think, read, and communicate effectively, a major in English provides excellent preparation for business, teaching, government and such professions as law and medicine.

In preparation for graduate study in English, students should consult the requirements of the graduate school which they plan to attend. Those anticipating graduate study should plan to study a foreign language at the undergraduate level since that is often a graduate requirement.

For information on English placement testing, see index.

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