Faculty: Mohammad Ahmadi, Malvina Baica, William Beck, Robert Bryan, Martin Engert, Richard Enstad, Jacob Gerlach, Mary Anne Gerlach, Dorothy Gollmar, Kathleen Halvorson, Bennette Harris, M. Hossain Heydari, Robert Horton, Jonathan Kane, Susan Kidd, Gary Klatt (Chairperson), Edwin Klein, Judy Knapp, Robert Knapp, Julie Letellier, Thomas McFarland, Janet Nelson, Gado Ongwela, Faustine Perham, Dieudonne Phanord, Chilukuri Rao, Richard Schauer, Robert Siemann, David Stoneman, Jerome Tanguay, James Trier, D. Peter Theron, Krishnanand Verma.


Mathematics has traditionally been the language of science and now plays a vital role in the social sciences and business as well. Every field in which quantitative activity is found requires that its workers have good backgrounds in mathematics. Mathematically prepared students have available to them opportunities that are many and varied.

Although mathematics is studied for its applications, it also attracts many who are interested in its aesthetic and creative side. Students seeking challenge and accomplishment will find the study of mathematics rewarding as well as practical.

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