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Faculty: Richard Brooks, David Cartwright (Chairperson), Wade Dazey, Ann Luther, Andrea Nye, Warren Shibles, Richard Yasko.


Philosophy is a basic field of inquiry that is neither part of nor reducible to any other discipline. Philosophers explore ideas, questions, issues, and problems that arise from the entire spectrum of human experiences. Philosophy courses deal with fundamental issues concerning the nature of morality and the good life, methods of correct reasoning, the nature of knowledge and reality, aesthetics, and the foundations needed for a good society. In addition to courses dealing explicitly with those issues, courses are also offered that survey the history of western philosophy in light of these issues.

As a discipline central to a liberal arts education, philosophy seeks to develop students' skills and knowledge, preparing them for life as a whole. Hence it fosters critical, analytical, and creative thinking skills that are relevant to any subject matter. The philosophy minor complements any major field of study that demands higher order thinking skills and the ability to understand and assess complex and competing points of view.

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