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Faculty: Charles Cottle, Zohreh Ghavamshahidi, H. Gaylon Greenhill, Ruth Grubel, Robert Heidorn, John F. Kozlowicz (Chairperson), John Oh, Robert Rothweiler, John Valadez.

Students who major or minor in political science or minor in public administration at UW-Whitewater are offered a comprehensive course of study, emerging from the awareness that governmental policy and policy-making are of paramount importance for the life we lead. The political science program at UW-W concentrates on providing students with a basic understanding of contemporary government, policy-making, and politics. An internship program which provides students a unique opportunity to blend this theory with practice is also available. Internship possibilities include work with a legislator, on the campaign staff of a candidate for public office, a law office, or in a governmental agency. While most students intern in Wisconsin, there is also a program based in Washington, D.C. through the Washington Center to provide students with opportunities to view the national political process in action. Students should be aware of the intimate relationship between the political process and the world of business. For those interested, a liberal arts political science program combined with a professional minor might prove useful.

Also available is an interdisciplinary major in Public Policy and Administration which provides comprehensive preparation for careers in government and in government-related organizations in the private sector. This major is sponsored jointly with the Department of Management.

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