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Faculty: Deborah Aks, Barbara Beaver, Gregory Cook, Kimberley Crook, Douglas Eamon, I-ning Huang, James Larson, Cliff O'Beirne, Kenneth Salzwedel (Chairperson), Richard Schlafer, Meg Waraczynski.

You will spend a lifetime seeking to understand yourself and others, so perhaps you should begin now to look for objective answers by majoring or minoring in psychology. If you wonder about how the world is put together and why people behave as they do, you can expect psychology to show you how to look for the answers in an intelligent way.

Psychology is a science which searches for answers to a myriad of questions about behavior. Psychology is also a profession which is committed to helping people.

A psychology major offers a choice of preparations for a variety of goals, including preparation for graduate study in psychology or related fields, development of skills for paraprofessional employment, preparation for teaching high school level psychology or social studies, or preparation for employment in a business or industry seeking graduates with a broad education, flexible outlook, and ability to attack problems systematically.

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