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Faculty: Karen Kirst-Ashman, Catherine Baratta, LaVonne Cornell-Swanson, Gina Miranda, William Powell (Chairperson), James Winship, Janet Wright, Charles Zastrow.

The primary objective of the social work major is preparation of students for beginning level professional social work practice. The major emphasizes development of students' practice skills by providing classroom and internship content in the wide variety of social and personal problems encountered by individuals, groups, families, organizations, and communities. Relationship and problem-solving techniques are stressed during the phases of studying, analyzing, testing, and evaluating social problems in both urban and rural areas. Many types of employment settings are available for professional social workers including counseling, foster care, adoption, child protective services, probation and parole, services to single parents, day care, public assistance, services to minority groups and women, school social services, drug and alcohol counseling, services for the elderly, and positions in the areas of community organization, social planning and social action.


All students are admitted as pre-majors. Pre-majors may take all social work courses before the professional segment but must be admitted to the major itself to take courses numbered (860) 371 or higher. Other requirements for admission into the Professional Segment (i.e., Social Work Practice and Practicum courses) of the Social Work major include: a 2.25 overall grade point minimum is needed to enroll in practice courses (860-371, 860-372, 860-373, and 860-494) and in Social Work Experience (860-493). Exceptions will be made for students having a 2.50 GPA for the last two semesters having taken at least nine credits during each semester; or a 2.75 GPA having taken at least nine credits in the semester prior to applying. Students with a lower grade point average may enroll in other Social Work courses. Check with the Social Work Department office for specific information about admissions processes.

All required Social Work courses must be completed with a grade of C or better. Any required Social Work course in which a lower grade is received must be retaken by the student. Any student who receives a second grade below C in the same required social work class will not be permitted to continue in the program.

Graduation requirements for a major in Social Work: a 2.25 grade point average in the Social Work major is needed.

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