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Faculty: Rebecca Hogan, Karen Kirst-Ashman, Geneva Moore, Andrea Musher, Agate Nesaule, Andrea Nye, Star Olderman (Chairperson), Ruth Schauer, Joan Schwarz, Patricia Searles, Sharon Tiffany, Janet Wright.

Women's Studies is an interdisciplinary area that explores new knowledge about women & their experiences, roles, achievements & and investigates issues related to their lives. Assessing past and current theories and research about women, Women's Studies also contributes theoretical and practical knowledge for both female and male students. It provides a valuable interdisciplinary perspective on the major academic disciplines as well. The Women's Studies Major is a valuable asset in many areas of employment (e.g., business, industry, teaching, law, health, social work, communications, counseling and research). The Women's Studies Minor and a 15-credit certificate in Women's Studies have been approved for students in all curricula. The Women's Studies minor or certificate is useful in many areas of employment (e.g., business, industry, teaching, social work, law, health, communications, research and counseling).

Women's Studies courses (prefix 890) are required of majors and minors, but are open to students in all curricula, some as general studies courses, some as general electives. New courses with a focus on women are being developed, and existing courses are being offered on a rotating basis. Students should obtain the most recent lists from the Women's Studies Chairperson.

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