TRANSFER STUDENTS: To apply for admissions, an application can be obtained from a UW System university or center, or an electronic application is available through the Internet at this address: Instructions with the admissions application will explain the procedure to be followed. An application fee is required for transfer students who have not previously attended a UW System campus as a matriculated student. In addition to the admissions application and high school records, official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended must be submitted. Applicants may be accepted on a tentative basis during the last term of enrollment at the sending institution provided they meet the minimum academic requirements for University admission.

UW-Whitewater requires a minimum 2.0 (4.0 system) cumulative grade point average to transfer; however, admission requirements may be higher for students planning to enroll in particular academic programs and during periods of enrollment limitation. Students who are enrolled in their first semester and who do not meet freshman admissions standards, must complete 12 college transferable credits to receive transfer admission consideration.

Guaranteed Transfer Program - Students participating in the UW-Center/UW-W Guaranteed Transfer Program may begin their university education at a UW-Center and upon completion of 60 credits be guaranteed the same opportunity to continue at UW-W as students who began at UW-W. Please note that upon transferring to UW-W it is necessary for students to submit another UW-System admission application. Students reapplying under this program are not required to resubmit a second high school transcript. UW-Center transcripts should be forwarded to the UW-W Office of Admissions at the time of application. A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (4.0 system) is required for transfer; however, grade point average requirements may be higher for students planning to enroll in particular programs.

College of Education In order to enroll in a program leading to teacher certification, a student must be admitted to Professional Education (which normally occurs after completion of 40 or more college credits). Students who are pursuing teacher education programs will be admitted on a competitive basis of experience with children and diverse groups as well as cumulative grade point average. The application and information on criteria for admission may be obtained from the College of Education Information desk, Winther Hall 2033 (414-472-1184).

College of Business and Economics applicants interested in pursuing a business major must declare "Pre-Business" as the major. Pre-Business students are eligible to enroll in lower division business courses after they have completed twenty-four credits and possess at least a 2.50 combined grade point average. After a student completes fifty-four or more credits and has satisfactorily completed or is enrolled in 210-244, 210-249 or 210-341/342, 230-211, 230-212, 230-245 and 250-211 (765-162 and 765-171 for BBA MCS majors), the student can apply for admission to a major in the College of Business and Economics. All students with a 2.80 combined GPA or better would be admitted to a major in the College. Application forms for admission to the College of Business and Economics are available at the Assistant Dean's Office and are completed during the required Pre-Business advising meetings. Students who have questions concerning admission should contact the Assistant Dean of the College of Business and Economics.

Transfer credits are not granted for upper-division business courses at UW-W unless the equivalent courses were taken after completing 60 credits and were junior or senior level at the previous institution. Before receiving a degree in Business, students must earn at least 18 credits in their major at UW-W (21 credits if majoring in accounting or management computer systems).

For transfer students enrolling in the College of Business and Economics or the College of Education, the grade point average compiled at previous post-secondary institutions is considered for purposes of determining eligibility to enroll in these programs.

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