ACADEMIC ADVISING AND COURSE SELECTION: Transfer students are required to attend an orientation session and receive academic advising for registration purposes. Advising is normally handled by personnel from the major department; however, students should consult with their minor department as well. Students admitted under the "special student" classification are not required to attend the orientation program or to seek advising assistance.

READMITTED STUDENTS: Students returning to the University after an absence of one semester or more must file an application for readmission. The application can be obtained from the UW-W Admissions Office or any other UW System university or center, or an electronic application is available through the Internet at this address: It is also necessary to furnish transcripts covering college-level work taken elsewhere during their absence from UW-Whitewater. Readmitted students must receive advising before registering and are encouraged to seek other assistance as needed for their unique situation.


SPECIAL STUDENTS WITHOUT CREDENTIALS. Students who wish to enroll for six credits or less in any semester may apply for admission as a "special student without credentials". The application fee is not required but some record of previous academic work may be required to establish academic eligibility. Transfer students who do not meet admission standards will not be granted admission as a special student. Special students without credentials may attend summer school without establishing academic eligibility and may take as many credits as are regularly allowed in the summer school for all students.

Special students without credentials are not considered candidates for a degree and are not required to receive formal academic advising upon enrollment. Academic Progress Reports (APR's) are not available for special students; however, sample APR's are available upon request.

SPECIAL STUDENTS WITH CREDENTIALS. Students who have a conferred bachelor's degree and wish to enroll only for undergraduate work may apply as a "special student with credentials". An admissions application and an official transcript indicating receipt of the degree must be submitted for review. An admissions application fee is required for students seeking teaching licensure or a second bachelor's degree and who have not previously attended a UW System campus as a matriculated student. Students in this classification must meet the UW-W program grade point average requirement and are considered to have fulfilled proficiency, general education, and diversity requirements. Transfer credit evaluations and Academic Progress Reports (APR's) are not available for special students; however, sample APR's are available upon request. Formal academic advising is not required.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: The University will consider applications from international students who demonstrate academic potential, are proficient in English, and have adequate financial resources to meet expenses while attending UW-Whitewater. To assess academic potential, results of nationally-administered examinations and the secondary school record will be considered. Please note that secondary education must consist of a college-preparatory program.

ACADEMICALLY DISMISSED STUDENTS: Students dismissed for academic reasons will be considered for readmission if their grade point average is improved by means of work taken through UW-Whitewater summer sessions. Students will also be eligible for readmission if they have remained out of college for the time specified under the probation and dismissal policies of the University. Students who have been academically dismissed and attend other post-secondary institutions during their absence from UW-W will be evaluated based upon their academic performance (final grades) at the sending institution; this may delay the readmission process to the University and could affect admission eligibility.

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