Equivalency Table for students transferring from the University of Wisconsin Centers to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Admissions Office
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Revised June, 1997

The equivalency table is updated each year due to course changes. To be equated to a UW-W course, the corresponding course at the previous college must be taken for at least 2/3 of the number of semester credits assigned to the UW-W course. Department numbers followed by 999 (ex. 110-999) represent departmental elective credit. Courses identifed as 'NDC' represent no degree credit. Certain 'NDC' courses will satisfy UW-W remedial course requirements. Please consult the Office of Admission for specific information.

Certain UW-W courses in the equivalency table have been approved to fulfill part of the General Education and Diversity requirements. General Education courses are identified by the following designations: A (arts), E (ethnic studies), H (humanities), L (lab science), M (math-science), P (physical education), S (social science). Courses satisfying the UW-W Diversity requirement appear under the Diversity column (DIV) and are identified by the 'Y' designation. Please read the section on General Education and Diversity in the UW-W Bulletin before selecting courses to fulfill these requirements.

The fourth digit of the UW-W course number indicates the level of the course: 1--freshman, 2--sophomore, 3--junior, 4--senior. Courses designated as humanities (H) at UW-W are English, foreign language, history, literature, philosophy, religious studies, and speech. The social science subjects are anthropology, economics, geography courses (except for Geog 210), political science, psychology, and sociology designated with S in the UW-W Bulletin. Subjects identified as arts (A) are art, art history, music, and theatre.

NOTE: A student who holds an Associate of Art or Associate of Science Degree from a UW Center is considered to have fulfilled the Proficiency, General Education and core course requirements at UW-Whitewater. The Associate of Art and Science conferred after Fall 1991 satisfies the UW-W diversity requirement as well.

After a student has accumulated 72 credits, a minimum of 48 credits must be earned at UW-Whitewater and/or other accredited four-year colleges.

For course equivalency information, consult the University of Wisconsin Transfer Information System (TIS).

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