CHANGE OF ADDRESS: All new students must notify the Admissions Office of a change of address. All continuing students may change their address(es) on the STAR System or notify the Registrar's Office. The Financial Aid and Student Accounts Offices rely upon those offices for accurate address information.

REAPPLY ANNUALLY: Students must reapply annually for all types of financial aid.

SUMMER SESSION: To apply for summer session financial aid, students must complete a Summer Session Application which is available in the Financial Aid Office. This is in addition to the FAFSA.

ACADEMIC PROGRESS: Students are required to comply with UW-Whitewater's Academic Progress requirement in order to maintain their eligibility to be considered for financial aid. Academic Progress requirements are published in the University's Registration Handbook and Timetable. Failure to meet the requirements will result in loss of eligibility for all major types of financial aid. Students will receive a report of their current status on the Student Information Form prior to registration each semester, and they will be informed at the end of the semester in which their eligibility has expired. Students who do not meet the requirements can appeal their academic progress status.

ADDITIONAL OUTSIDE RESOURCES: The student's financial aid package is subject to change based upon assistance received from other sources. This includes private scholarships, fee waivers, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation funds, resident/campus assistantships, ROTC, etc.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Written and verbal financial information concerning students and parents is confidential and will not be released without written permission.

REVISION DEADLINES: The Financial Aid Office will not accept a request to revise a financial aid package after November 15 for fall semester or after April 15 for spring semester.

CHANGES TO FINANCIAL SITUATION: The Financial Aid Office must be notified directly of changes which may affect the family's ability to provide financial assistance to the student. These changes may include loss of employment or benefits, a significant decrease in income, separation or divorce, death or disability.

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